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Tamuz Monitors in HD OBVan

TAMUZ Broadcast Trading, Inc., will Introduce to the world market the first OLED Multi-Screen Rack Monitor and a new OLED Multi Channel Audio-Video-Monitor with Speakers at Booth N5037
TAMUZ will also highlight it’s Black Hawk 7.6" OLED Field Monitor, 24" & 32" Class One Reference Monitors, 47" High-Resolution (1920x 1080) Large Screen Monitors, Life-Extending MRC - TCP/IP Software, Konica/Minolta CS200 and Tcube.

OLED Multi-Screen Rack Monitor: OCM 404W HD

This groundbreaking monitor is the world’s first OLED device equipped with (4) 4.3" (16:9) OLED displays built into a 2 RU monitor bridge. The OLED panels offer true CRT viewing angles, offer direct 3G/SD/HD-SDI inputs and support 1080p60/50. OLED panels offer a contrast ratio of >100,000:1 and support BT.R709, EBU or SMPTE color space. OLED panels also offer three times the life (>30,000 h) of similar sized TFT panels!

Audio-Video-Monitor: AVM841 HV

The AVM841 HV is the first OLED audio monitor of it’s kind offering the same characteristics in OLED technology. 8x 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs with Audio de-embedder, 1x CCVS input, 1x VGA Graphics input, 1x SDI output, 1x CCVS output, 4x audio output (channel 1-4), 1x 4.3" OLED screen, 4x LED-bar graph, 1x Stereo Speakers with monitoring functionality.


Black Hawk: OCM 107W HD

The Black Hawk was the first OLED field monitor introduced at BVE London and at NAB 2009. The OLED is 7.6" (16:9) and meets EBU t3325 Recommendation – QA assured by Konica/Minolta CS-2000. The monitor supports multiple inputs for SD/HD-SDI, RGBHV, RGsB or RGBS, HDMI and CCVS. Selectable and User defined safe areas, under/overscan, 3-Color Tally light, B/W – Blue Only – Green Screen selectable, De-interlacer etc. External 9 to 30 V DC battery systems – V mount or Anton Bauer can power the unit. This unit is great for DP’s, Producer/Director, Steadicam, Camera and Crane operators.

Imperial Eagle – Class One Reference Monitors

TAMUZ’s Class-1, full HD broadcast video monitor, the 24" and 32" Imperial Eagle, presents an ideal solution for color critical applications in the film and HDTV production and post-production arenas. Available in 24" and 32", the monitors are capable of displaying 1080i, 1080p or 720p HD video information on a Full HD resolution display natively pixel to pixel. The monitors are equipped with multiple SD/HD-SDI 4:2:2, HD-DL or 3G 4:4:4, analog composite and HD component video plus VGA or DVI-D inputs. The unique Imperial Eagle backlight system allows 100% reproduction of the EBU color space at a nominal brightness of 80 Candela (CRT Light Level/True-Blacks) with the lowest level rest light meeting EBU spec’s in the industry.


Sparrowhawk Series: Available in sizes from 20" to 82"

The Sparrowhawk is a high-resolution large screen color LCD monitor suitable for MultiView applications in control rooms or mobile units. The Sparrowhawk series was designed as an universal digital monitor perfect for displaying the output of MultiView systems. To achieve the highest image quality possible, state-of-the-art TFT panels are used with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The slim edge design allows multi screen monitor walls to be built. Digital versatile input (DVI) technology prevents degradation.

MRC Software: TCP/IP Remote control of monitors from a laptop or Network

TAMUZ BROADCAST will also demonstrate its unique TCP/IP life-extending software. The MRC allows all monitor functions to be controlled remotely. Up to 254 monitors can be controlled simultaneously for ease of operation and maintenance using the anti-sticking functions. Monitors can experience up to 50% more life and screen cleaning can be facilitated during use or in down hours.


Konica/Minolta CS200

All TAMUZ monitors are tested for quality assurance prior to leaving the factory. A Seal of approval follow testing with the Konica/Minolta CS-2000. The CS-200 will be the standard unit for AAC calibration for all TAMUZ monitors (coming soon). The CS200 offers more than tristimulus type meters by using 40 sensors to perform calculations that correspond to the sensitivity of the human eye. Measurements can be taken down to an angle of 0.1 degrees and to a low luminance level of 0.01 cd/m2. The CS-200 can also measure any light source, such as, LED’s, picture tubes, LCD’s, PDP’s, CCFL, projection screens, traffic lights etc.


TAMUZ Broadcast Trading is pleased to present the Tcube that it represents in the North American markets. The Tcube Color Corrector LUT Generator is certified for use with SpeedGrade Onset 2010 (IRIDAS). Now DP’s can pull a reference image from a live HD signal to interactively design a look, this in turn automatically updates the 3DLUT in Fig and applies it to the HD signal. Many other applications are available with Tcube, such as, Gamut legalization, 3D/1D Lut for Color Matching, Bug Inserter, Frame Synchronizer with Audio resampling, Subtitle Inserter via TCP/IP in SD/HD, DV DVCPro Encoder-Decoder and much more.



TAMUZ develops and manufactures Broadcast Monitors since 1996. More as 180 different types and models from 4" up to 82" are available through a world wide dealer network. The companies headquarters, R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in Henstedt-Ulzburg, Germany.