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Taking Panning Shots the Easy Way

The Jib 100

Designing one jib for the existing wide range of professional camcorders in different weight classes was ABC Products’ aim when developing its new product, the Jib 100. It will be presented for the first time at the Broadcast Asia Show in Singapore from 21 to 24 June and will soon be available in the stores.

The construction of the jib 100 follows the users’ desire for short assembly times and easy handling. The jib scores moreover with its high stability while being very lightweight and its small packing dimensions, which make it the perfect equipment for use on the run. Due to the high payload of 20kg and a weight of just 19kg the Jib 100 is suitable for a wide range of cameras and different purposes.

The features include an integrated horizontal and vertical brake as well as a fine trimmer to level the jib continuously and precisely. Furthermore, the Jib 100 provides a euro mount adapter at the jib head that permits to mount accessories like low rigs or a remote head. The crane support can be mounted on any solid tripod with a ball adapter of 100 to 150mm diameter (adapter for euro mount optionally available ).



MovieTech is based in Munich with subsidiaries in Milan and Prague. As one of the leading manufacturers in its field, it produces and markets products and solutions for the film industry. The MovieTech product range concentrates on the areas of: camera cranes, dollies, lighting systems, remote heads and corresponding accessories. The products marketed under the ABC-Products name cover the entire range of extremely lightweight and high-quality equipment for the video, HD and broadcast sectors.The mission of Movie Tech is to manufacture professional film equipment that not only considerably simplifies the work of those using it on the set or in the studio, but also facilitates the implementation of creative ideas. At the end of 2006, MTS Media Technical System was taken over and integrated into the MovieTech portfolio. The brand stands for first-class studio equipment, including drop-arms, pantographs, lighting rigs, telescopes and rail systems.  Lastro Engineering was taken over in April 2010. The company offers planning, consulting and stage engineering as well as installation.