Synlive Live Production Video Mixer


With changes in live production technology rapidly evolving, Axon will showcase its new live production tool SynLive. Based on Axon’s Synapse range of products, SynLive has been designed for small, live production environments to provide broadcasters with a cost-effective and turnkey offering. Broadcasters will have the flexibility to expand their infrastructures over time as SynLive can be configured to enable more features to be added all the way up to a 4Wire 4K compatible system.

At the heart of live production: introducing SynLive
SynLive is a modular live production video mixer.  Offered as one package SynLive consists of a basic setup of modules that can be customized all the way up to a small 4K four wire set. The core of SynLive is a single mix engine (GLP100) with key and fill inputs. This module also provides embedding of the audio signals by use of the Quad Speed Audio bus with an optional DIO88. The mix engine has 2 DVE’s and 2 engines can be cascaded if needed.

A 12 view SynView unit is included as well as a GPS locked Sync Pulse Generator (SPG) with multiple analog and digital reference signals.The system can be controlled over the Ethernet, by Cortex or using Cerebrum Control Panels. ACP (Axon Control Protocol) and a dedicated Ethernet port are available for control from automation systems.