Sweden’s Expressen newspaper to launch live video production and VOD service with Vizrt

Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief of Expressen

Vizrt, the leading provider of production tools for the digital media industry, announced today a deal with Expressen, Sweden’s leading publisher and part of the Bonnier Group. Vizrt will provide Expressen with a complete news production workflow. The workflow is designed to allow newspapers to easily create broadcast-quality live online streams and video on demand clips.

Expressen’s workflow includes the same broadcast production tools from Vizrt used by global broadcasters including CNN, CBS, Fox, BBC, BSkyB, and Al Jazeera. Included is a control room based on Vizrt’s Viz Opus compact control room. Viz Opus combines automation, graphics and video capabilities into a single system for efficient live production. Other tools include a virtual set, real-time 3D maps, and a weather system.

Live shows and packages will be scripted using Vizrt’s new rundown creation and management tool, Showmaker. The system allows the journalists to script stories, program automation commands and add graphics and video to the automation playlist.


“The need to be first with breaking news that is not only timely but visually compelling has brought about a perfect marriage of content from Expressen TV and technology from Vizrt,” said Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief of Expressen, who recently announced that Expressen TV now is a CNN affiliate. “These tools are so user friendly that we are able to create a production with minimal staff that can be online in minutes after a news event happens. We are also able to immediately take each story from our live production and make them available for video on demand.”

Expressen TV will use Vizrt’s automatic video on demand workflow. The system automatically creates multiple versions of a story’s video and graphics, each suited for the specific output such as online video or multiple resolutions for different mobile phones. The graphics are adapted and optimised to each device with a custom design or branding. All the video content is ready to be viewed by the consumer on any platform with the best possible viewing experience, in real-time.


“The workflow employed by Expressen TV represents what we see as the model for future media production. Every news and entertainment company needs to think about how to best get their media to their customers, no matter where they are,” said Martin Burkhalter, Vizrt CEO. “With this live and multiplatform workflow, Expressen TV is opening the doors for allowing their high quality content to be viewed immediately.”
Expressen will launch the new live news and video on demand features in Q1, 2016 on website Expressen.se.