Sustainability in Broadcast and Connected Digital Media


Energy saving and recycling is only a small part of the challenging path to sustainability facing our industry. Being so interconnected means that real, positive change will only happen when upstream and downstream partners work together….. and when all stakeholders really understand what problems need to be solved.

7gen survey indicates positive demand for sustainability awareness workshops and seminars
7gen surveyed decision makers from across the industry at the end of this summer. The results were very positive and compelling: Levels of interest in attending 7gen sustainability-oriented seminars and workshops focused on the broadcast and connected digital media industry was very high.... in particular to a handful of the workshop topics suggested.


In response, 7gen is reaching out to all broadcasting colleagues to invite them to what is the first two sessions in a series of workshops and seminars that reflect the subjects indicated as being the most important to the broadcast and connected digital media industry.
7gen is starting off with the first two most popular topics which are: “Demystifying Sustainability – risks if you don’t, opportunities if you do” and  “The Basics of Sustainability Planning and Implementation”

1. Demystifying Sustainability: Risks if you don’t, opportunities if you do
Topics covered on the morning half day session include:
•    Demystifying the buzzwords
•    What environmental awareness is and why is it important?
•    7gen's ‘Dangerous assumptions’
•    Impacts of Climate Change on your business
•    A brief introduction to environmental law and EU directions
•    How to identify the environmental impacts of your organisation
•    Managing waste, and protecting energy and resources


2. Basics of Sustainability Planning and Implementation
Topics covered on the afternoon half day session include:
•    What might a sustainable future for your organisation look like
•    What is the problem your organisation needs to solve?
•    Identifying barriers to your sustainable agenda
•    First steps and early benefits
•    Keeping count - The winning formula of ‘measurement plus analysis’
•    Aligning effort - Champions, leaders, teams, and value chains
•    Sustainable frameworks to drive change beyond the short-term

Date: Monday, December 2nd 2013
Venue: Newlyn’s Farm, Hampshire, UK

Price per person:
Morning Session :     £275 (excl. VAT)
Afternoon Session :     £275 (excl. VAT)
Special discounted offer for both Sessions :      £395 (excl. VAT)


How to book:
Complete the simple downloadable booking form available as a pdf file below with the names of each person and course(s) you'd like to attend and return to 7gen via email at [email protected]. Payment instructions are also included.

If you have any questions or need help, 7gen can be contacted on +44 (0)7767 881021.

WORKSHOPS TO FOLLOW IN 2014: Information on the extended program containing the above workshops, as well as other topics that will be starting in the new year is available here as well as "early-bird" discounts for booking early! Of course all 7gen workshops can be customised , as well as new, bespoke training workshops developed for your organisation and delivered on your premises.


About 7gen
7gen is a consultancy team specializing in environmental assessment, planning, and management systems and strategy, resource optimization (energy, water...etc.) and eco-innovation. Experienced university and business schools lecturers in the UK and France, and advisors/trainers/presenters to international businesses. And rather uniquely for an environmental consultancy firm, 7gen has decades of senior management and advisory experience in the broadcasting and connected digital media, as well as aviation, leisure and other industries.