Success Story with Penta Studiotech

Penta is using the Konica Minolta CS-200 in service and the CS-2000 in production

With the growth of LCDs in today’s market, precise and accurate color and picture in displays is extremely important. One such company, Penta Studiotech LLC, prides itself in creating and manufacturing high performance broadcast LCD Monitors and Broadcast Electronics. Founded in 1987, Penta is one of the few European companies that have been able to establish a remarkable global reputation.

They provide the world’s most comprehensive and impressive range of Broadcast LCD Monitors to the market. Penta remains proud to provide broadcast professionals with the very highest industry standard equipment at very competitive prices. They provide monitors that are used in many major broadcast companies throughout North America.

Penta’s HD2line Series Monitors are specifically designed for all applications in the area of professional broadcasting. They are suitable for a wide range of Reference and Mastering applications including Studio production, Master Control, Post Production, High End Editing and much more. In the field of professional broadcasting, repeatable and precise color reproduction is essential. Penta went on a search to find a measurement instrument that they could count on for accurate measurement and calibration every single time. They tested devices from a wide range of companies and found that they weren’t accurate enough, especially for the black levels. The decision was made once they got a hold of Konica Minolta Sensing’s CS-200 Chroma Meter and CS-2000 Spectroradiometer. They tested those instruments for luminance measurements using the tristimulus technique.


The HD2line Series monitors leave the factory calibrated to the SMPTE and ITU Standards. They stay calibrated for about one year and then can be re-calibrated with the CS-200 on-site or in their factories. The biggest advantage of on-site calibration is that it can be done within one hour so customers do not lose any time. The purpose of calibration is to bring correct colors to what is seen on the screen, which allows the person viewing it to see it as it actually should look.

“Together with Konica Minolta, we make the calibration as easy as possible for our customers. Calibration of our HD2line Pro Class 1 monitors is as easy as two mouse clicks; and all of that on-site or in our factory. We are glad to have Konica Minolta as our partner for the most accurate calibration,” says Markus Unfried, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Penta Studiotech LLC.

The CS-200 Chroma Meter provides extremely accurate luminance and color measurement for all display technologies. It can measure light sources in the range of 0.005 to 200,000 cd/m2. It is a low cost option that features a new auto mode for determining measurement speed according to the luminance of the subject being measured. It is lightweight and battery powered for optimum portability. Data Management Software, CL-s10w, is included as a standard accessory. The CS- 2000 Spectroradiometer provides highly accurate measurements of luminances as low as 0.003 cd/m2 and as high as 500,000 cd/m2 based on the measuring angle, with a wavelength ranging from 380-780 nm. Its wavelength precision is +/-0.3 nm with an absolute accuracy of +/-0.02 cd/m2.


Markus Unfried, Vice President of Sales & Marketing stated, “Konica Minolta’s instruments are sold at a very reasonable cost and have a high performance ratio. They also have friendly customer care and service.” The CS-200 and CS-2000 fit the need for Penta. They both have the highest accuracy and ease of handling for in-house as well as onsite usage. It seems that Penta’s use of Konica Minolta instruments has been nothing but positive and we can’t wait to see what’s next for their line of Broadcast Electronics!