Studiotech Launch Quick Deploy Mobile Production Studio

See the new Mobile Production Studio on Studiotech stand 511 in Hall 5 at Cabsat 2014, Dubai, March 11-13

Global systems company Studiotech have launched a new Mobile Production Studio system. In the field, the new system gives quick access to all the necessary facilities to manage multi-camera events such as news gathering, conferences, concert backstage coverage, sports reports etc. It fully complies with IATA transportation regulations of size and weight, and a major advantage is its quick and easy set up and installation.

The multi-camera system allows up to four cameras, broadcast or industrial, using embedded audio, up to 100 metres from the control unit. The connection for each camera is via a specially developed single cable supplied on a drum. The system requires just a single mains connection.

The central control unit features a Sony MCS-8M multi format compact switcher,with one mix effect. Inputs include the signals from the four cameras, and Program and Preview output signals are provided and may be routed to transmission and/or to each of the cameras if desired. A Sony PWM-50 XD CAM HD 422 card recorder/player is provided for recording or playouts.
An XLR connection is provided for the intercom headset at each camera position.


A 24” screen is mounted in the lid of the transportation case and displays all sources and output signals through a 10 signal multiviewer. The origin of each signal is clearly indicated.
A fibre interface developed by Studiotech enables coding and decoding for the audio and video signals and the optical signals. The single mode fibre connectors are interfaced via connectors and cables going to and from the cameras.
The fibre interface used to transform the SDI and intercom signals into optical signals and vice versa is one of the dedicated elements in the concept of the studio system.

Each junction box of the camera system has a control panel managing amongst others the monitoring signal switching and the intercom PTT. There are five connectors for DC supply, Tally, intercom headset, input video and output video.
For each of the cameras Studiotech supplies a manual drum with a single 100m cable. In practice, each drum remains close to the Central Control Unit and the required length of cable is unwound to the camera position. The cable includes a dual optical fibre which carries video + audio in both directions.


Each camera system comprises a Vinten tripod, a camera, and a junction box developed by Studiotech serving as a dedicated interface between the mobile studio and each camera. Almost all industrial and broadcast cameras can be integrated without modification. By default, the proposed industrial camera is Sony PWM-200. The default broadcast cameras are Sony PWM-300/320/400.

In general the junction box is mounted on a leg of the tripod with an industrial camera. With a broadcast camera, the junction box is V-mounted straight to the back of the camera and supplies power to it. Each junction box can output up to 50W power. A mounting plate is part of the tripod kit and supports on one side the camera, and on the other side a 7” monitoring screen enabling the cameraman to view either the Program signal back from the mobile studio or its own video signal.


The Studiotech Mobile Production system is now available directly from Studiotech Belgium or via its network of global offices.

Studiotech Group’s main business is the distribution, sales, installation and after-sales servicing of broadcast and professional audiovisual equipment. The company also designs and installs turnkey projects such as recording and mixing studios, editing suites and mobile OB units.
Studiotech’s good name is based on first class service and customer satisfaction. The staff are held in high regard for their product knowledge, quality standards, attention to detail and customer care.

In a relatively short time, the Studiotech Group have become recognised as leading players in the field of broadcast and audiovisual engineering across Europe.
Studiotech began in Brussels, serving Belgium and Luxembourg, in 1990, then offices followed in Budapest, Hungary, Warsaw, Poland, Algeria, Rabat, Morocco, and more recently Paris, France and Sydney, Australia.
The founders and key members of staff have extensive professional experience which they continue to develop in step with leading-edge technology.


Studiotech Offices:

Studiotech Belgium (Brussels)
Mr. Rudolf Mécs
Phone: 32 2 266 13 80

Studiotech Hungary (Budapest)
Mr. Károly Orosz
Phone: 36 1 240 1444

Studiotech Poland (Warsaw)
Mrs. Elwira Machowska
Phone: 00 48 (22) 644 10 25

Studiotech Maghreb (Algiers)
Mr. Mohand-Ameziane Hassam
Phone: 213 (0)21/ 69 68 53

Studiotech Moroc (Rabat)
Mr Bouchaib Amezzargou
Phone: +212 537 77 10 56

Studiotech Australia (Sydney)
Mr Michael Bentsen
Studiotech Australia
Phone: +61 (0)2 8911 5020

Studiotech France (Paris)