Steadicam Takes a Quantum Leap Forward:

New Fawcett Exovest and New X-Series Camera Stabilizer Support Arms

The Tiffen Company introduced the new Steadicam® Fawcett Exovest™ and the brand-new Steadicam® X-Series, a new high-performance camera stabilizer support arm system at NAB 2012.

Steadicam operators took notice of the radical new rig support design at the big broadcast show
The Fawcett Exovest is an ultra-light exoskeletal Steadicam vest that transfers weight into anatomically appropriate areas and bridges areas that should not be loaded. “The exceptional new Steadicam vest design was developed by Chris Fawcett, an expert on physiology of human weight-bearing appliances. Chris is also the author of Steadicam Posture,” says Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, The Tiffen Company. “With his credentials behind the ergonomic Exovest design, the bar for comfort and performance has been raised to an all-time high.”

Compared to conventional vests, the Fawcett Exovest is lighter and less constrictive, allowing for better respiration, circulation, transpiration and movement, and is especially comfortable for female operators.

The resultant feel is of increased lightness and control. After docking, the entire vest may be relaxed by means of one over-center lever, as the upper pad systems bed is only under load; and in case of emergency, the vest and rig may be jettisoned by a rapid safety-release.


The world leader in camera-stabilizing systems rolled out new X-Series product line - two high-performance camera-lifting arm solutions: the Steadicam G-50x and G-70x
Designed for professional video and film production, the new Steadicam X-Series line includes the G-50x and G-70x models, offering a 29-inch (73 cm) boom range with outstanding camera-lifting capacities of up to 50 and 70 pounds (23 and 32 kg), respectively.

Steadicam continues to perfect the art of storytelling by introducing solutions such as the X-Series camera stabilizer support arms that incorporate outstanding ergonomic and engineering design,” says Steve Tiffen, President and CEO, the Tiffen Company. “They continue to outpace the competition and remain true to the Steadicam tradition of delivering best-in-class solutions that set the industry standard for expected quality and performance. This is why there is only one authentic Steadicam.”

Steadicam X-Series - High-Performance Camera Stabilizer Support Arms
The next-generation Steadicam arm technology – the X-Series – features the G-50x and G-70x models. The revolutionary, patented Geo spring geometry optimizes production performance and elegance throughout its lifting range. The X-Series tames high/low arm travel with adjustable-length positioning that dynamically rocks the spring termination as the arm is boomed up or down. Powered by titanium springs, the G-50x arm smoothly carries any load from 12 to 50 pounds (5.4 to 23 kg) while the G-70x supports loads from 13 to 70 pounds (5.8 to 32 kg). The all-new bearing performance and geometry enhancements on the G-50x and G-70x arms make even the slowest cameras move ultra smooth.


The G-50x and G-70x Arm Specifications and Benefits
• The new G-50x and G-70x arm systems are lightweight at 8.6 lbs/3.9 kg and 10.8 lbs/4.9 kg, respectively, and user-maintainable, and have a 29-inch (73 cm) boom range. Both have soft bumpers at each end of travel so the arm can be boomed right to its limits without shot-disturbing clunks. Each also has Ride control that adjusts the iso-elastic™ response of the arm.

• Arm posts are locked in place by a single button or lever, so switching arm posts is quick and easy. This quick-change mechanism also has an adjustable drag for the post’s rotation, from completely free to totally locked.

• At the socket block end of the G-70x arm is a new, “kick back” link, which gets the arm further out of the way as the sled crosses the operator’s body, and keeps the arm from banging against the stops in normal operation.


Steadicam Unparalleled Design Backed by World-Class Support
Steadicam designed the new X-Series camera-lifting arm units with increased structural strength, improved geometry, and tough type III hard anodize on the main arm components, ensuring years of lasting durability.The G-70x and G-50x arms come with an industry-surpassing standard three-year full parts and labor warranty that includes all components, including springs and socket blocks. The transferrable standard warranty also includes one complementary factory tune-up to ensure the arm is performing at its best.

Pricing and Availability
The new Steadicam X-Series G-50x and G-70x models are available today through the Tiffen worldwide reseller network for a list price of USD 11,4000 and USD 18,800, respectively. Visit for more information.


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