Stage Tec – Premiere league Mixing consoles and Routers

Successful for more than 20 years / world renowned customers / established team of developers / stability for new and existing customers

Stage Tec, full name “Stage Tec Entwicklungsgesellschaft für professionelle Audiotechnik GmbH“, is an independent company, based in the German capital Berlin, specialising in the design and manufacture of digital audio technology. The main products are the routing systems, NEXUS and NEXUS STAR, and the professional mixing consoles AURUS, CRESCENDO, AURATUS, ON AIR 24 and ON AIR flex.

Stage Tec was founded over 20 years ago by 13 graduate engineers supported by a business partner. Nearly all of the engineers are still working in the company today and are responsible for the continuing innovation and performance of the company. The sole managing director of Stage Tec is Dr. Helmut Jahne, who was also a founding member of the company and has subsequently driven the product lines' technological lead with numerous patents and developments.

Stage Tec is recognised as one of the leading pioneers in the age of transition from analogue to digital audio technology and has set new benchmarks thanks to continuous research and development. The 2002 launch of its flagship console AURUS was a notable success with more than 300 systems sold worldwide to date, continuing with its successor AURUS Platinum. AURUS is found in the most prestigious venues such as the Moscow Kremlin Palace (Russia), the “Bird’s Nest” Olympic Stadium for the 2008 Beijing games (China), BMW’s new automobile delivery and event centre at Munich (Germany), and the BBC Scotland broadcasting service headquarters in Glasgow (U.K.).


In 2006, the introduction of the compact mixing console AURATUS extended the product range for broadcast and theatre applications making Stage Tec’s key benefits of superlative sound quality and ultimate reliability in professional use available in a compact, cost-effective console for a broad range of applications. In the following years, the mixing consoles CRESCENDO, ON AIR 24 and ON AIR flex followed so that today Stage Tec offers a comprehensive range from the smallest to the largest consoles.