SSL C100 HDS Consoles Installed in Three HD OBVans for G.T.H.P. in France

C100 Delivers Audio Excitement for International Horse Racing Broadcast

Solid State Logic is pleased to announce that C100 HDS Digital Broadcast Consoles have been installed in three new HD OB vehicles to capture the audio excitement for live horse racing events for G.T.H.P. (Groupement Technique des Hippodromes Parisiens) in France.

The company provides technical resources and staff for live-to-air and re-transmission media coverage of horse racing events for the Equidia TV channel locally as well as for international distribution. All three HD OB vehicles feature a single C100 frame fitted with two independent ‘consoles,’ each with completely separate master sections and associated fader bays (one 24+8 and one 16+8). The configuration means that two operators can be co-located, with independent operating environments but with an SSL MORSE Router enabling them to share audio assets. This unique configuration helps the operators handle extremely demanding production challenges and schedules.

“One year ago, we decided to replace our existing two SD OB vans with three HD OB vans,” says Luc Benamer, Sound Engineer Manager for G.T.H.P. “We have been using SSL consoles since 1998 and we were very happy when SSL won the RFP. The sound quality of the C100 is unmatched and SSL’s service is excellent. If we have a question, SSL’s people get back to us immediately. Each OB Van will cover around 320 races per year, so the travel, set up and production schedule is extremely rigorous. The SSL systems are working and enable us to quickly and accurately set up and produce every event.”


Each vehicle system has a powerful and comprehensive I/O and Routing configuration consisting of a MORSE Router (with 48 analogue microphone and 88 analogue line I/O, 120 AES I/O and 12 MUX/DMUX), eight MORSE Stagebox units, two Alpha-Link Live-R and two SSL Remote GPIO units. The system seamlessly integrates into each vehicle’s LSB/VSM control system through the MORSE Router.

“We decided to go with two consoles built into one frame to make the engineering tasks straightforward,” explains Benamer. “Instead of taking up valuable time having each engineer split one console, both engineers can now configure their local and international programs at the same time. Each van travels to its next destination overnight, arriving at the new venue about three hours before air. The C100 lets us get set up very efficiently, so we have more time to tweak the sound to get the best results.”


The C100 consoles are additionally outfitted with SSL’s powerful Dialogue Automix and 5.1 Upmix options to handle a wide variety of production needs. The Dialogue Automix system tames the frenetic world of fast-paced panel discussions by providing automatic mic level control while maintaining consistent ambient levels. The 5.1 Upmix option takes any stereo source and creates a convincing 5.1 version.

“When we are at a race track , we need to be able to address multiple production situations,” continues Benamer. “For a post-race discussion program, for example, the amount of guests on a panel might vary depending on which team won the race. The Dialogue Automix function makes this production situation easy. At the same time, it is often more efficient to produce segments of racing events in stereo and that is where the 5.1 Upmix option really shines.”


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