SSL C10 HD Powers Production for University of Salford

Console Installed in New £30 Million Arts and Media Facility

The University of Salford has chosen a Solid State Logic C10 HD Compact Broadcast Console to power the live production program in its new £30 million digital learning, teaching and research facility at MediaCityUK. As the centerpiece for Studio A Sound, the console is used for a wide range of live production teaching situations from one-on-one interview and panel programs, to music programs featuring everything from a pop band to a full classical orchestra.

“The University of Salford’s MediaCityUK campus was created to host our media production, graphic, animation and video game departments, among others, as part of the very exciting MediaCityUK project,” says Ash Tidball, TV Studio Manager for the University at MediaCityUK. “For our Studio A Sound control room, we needed a console that was very flexible and could be set up very quickly for the different types of shows produced. We chose the SSL C10 because it offered us the best feature set and sonic performance for all our production needs. For example, the snapshot recall of program settings greatly increased our teaching capabilities, as a push of a button gets the console ready for each succeeding class in an instant.”

“Our new location is right in the heart of this major production hub. This proximity presents a great opportunity for our students to be able to work with industry professionals and to possibly gain employment in the future,” continues Tidball. “With players like the BBC and ITV next door, it was imperative that we had a recognized industry standard console for our students to learn on. The console delivers the proper, advanced production experience, while providing a platform our graduates will likely find in the industry at large. We believe that learning on an SSL C10 can only benefit our students in the future.”


Spread across four floors, the new facility includes HDTV and radio broadcast studios, digital media and performance labs, post-production suites, a living lab research facility and meeting rooms with video conferencing. Studio A offers separate video and audio (Studio A Sound) control rooms, while Studio B offers a full 3D virtual studio. As Studio A is available for students, researchers and commercial clients, the unique features of the C10 make it the ideal choice.


“Studio A is our flagship studio, delivering a no-nonsense, professional, state-of-the-art HD production experience,” states Tidball. “The C10’s Feature Match and Preset systems can accommodate all our needs as we have different operators with greatly varying skill levels. Some students might be at the beginning stage, so the engineering staff can set the console to lock out all the controls, except the ones needed for a particular class. At the same time, a professional engineer can come in and access the full power of the console. The one button mix-minus system is outstanding, as is the 5.1 Upmix feature. The C10 allows us to address every aspect of TV production with great sonic integrity.”

The University of Salford at MediaCityUK
We are currently the only University to have a presence at MediaCityUK, with a space designed to encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration between academics, students, professionals and industry.

Located at the heart of six national BBC departments and a mass of independent specialist creative, digital and media organisations - our new location at MediaCityUK opened its doors in October 2011.


Our vision is to create an innovation led academic ecosystem that is transdisicplinary, and nurtures the development of talent for the creative, media and technology economies.

This is a space where science and creativity collide to deliver the big digital ideas of the future – a new world requiring talented people from different disciplines to think and work together.

Solid State Logic is a world leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for music, broadcast and post production professionals.