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SRG SSR Switzerland upgrade commentary to Glensound Digital Systems


The Swiss national broadcaster SRG SSR have taken delivery of 16 of the new Glensound Digital Commentary Systems GDC-6432. These are to be used at large sports events in their Mercedes Sprinter Commentary Control Centres, and flight cased for portable use. The GDC 6432 will be the commentary system used for SRG SSRs coverage of Alpine and Nordic skiing, cycling, athletics, rowing, tennis, soccer, volleyball, and golf.

The addition of the Ethernet link

Ernst Camenzind of SRG SSR is the Assistant Head Of Technical Operations. He particularly liked the audio quality of the GDC6432. With 24 bit 48 kHz available it is by far the best available audio quality in any previous commentary system. Glensound quality and reliability is well known in broadcast and the fact that the commentator interface is similar to previous Glensound systems means that it is very straightforward and familiar for commentators to use. Ernst also liked the addition of the Ethernet link, the size of the commentators box and (surprisingly for a new state of the art system) the price!

A seamless change from existing BNC installations to Ethernet links

‘Beside the superb audio quality and the large audio matrix, one of the great advantages this system offers is the interconnection between dCCU (base station) and dCU3 (commentators box). Both BNC and Ethernet interconnections are available, making powering the dCU3 locally obsolete as it is powered from the link. Flexible and faster installation and immunity to power loss in the commentary area are the result. Furthermore, a seamless change from existing BNC installations to Ethernet links, with web browser software control, is possible. The similar user interface to the widely used Glensound analogue systems helps international commentators to be immediately familiar with the new system. Glensound has been very flexible to integrate further features for our needs. For example a 3 port switch in the dCU3 for internet applications. This and other reasons finally gave us the reason to choose this product.’Ernst Camenzind, Assistant Head Of Technical Operations, Philippe Leuenberger, Head of Commentary Operations


SSR SRG requested some custom modifications

Glensound have a long working relationship with SRG SSR, and they use many Glensound ISDN codecs and the analogue commentary systems. This resulted in a great deal of input from the Swiss Broadcaster into the Glensound GDC 6432 digital commentary system over the last couple of years development.For their own requirements, SSR SRG requested some custom modifications to the standard GDC 6432 system. The dCU3 Commentators unit was changed to include a 3 port Ethernet switch. An additional link to the commentators unit provided the extra 3 ports to the commentators to provide internet connections for their laptops. This was all achieved from within the standard chassis of the dCU3 and so incurred no extra space penalty over the standard unit. The lead designer on the GDC 6432 was Ian Burns, “We always try and accommodate a customers special requirements, and although it was a challenge to add this extra function on the dCU3, we achieved a neat solution that works well for Ernst.”Glensound Managing Director Gavin Davis said, ‘SRG SSR and Glensound have a long relationship and we are delighted they have chosen our GDC6432 for their digital commentary system. It is very flattering to have Ernst and Philippe comment on our product in such glowing terms and we are suitably proud.’The Glensound GDC 6432 is available now for events with 1 – 600 commentators.