Splice Adapter GLANDMASTER

Solid breakout …

With the GLANDMASTER SOMMER CABLE now offers a flexible and extremely sturdy special solution for cable splicings. Here it’s about sleeves which are turned from solid aluminium (size M40 is made of POM) and fitted with various female threads for taking up standard cable glands.

Several sizes are available:
M16 (double-sided M16 x 1.5 female thread)
M16-M25 (M16 x 1.5 <> M25 x 1.5 female thread)
PG16-M25 (PG16 <> M25 x 1.5 female thread)
M25 (double-sided M25 x 1.5 female thread)
M32-M40 (M32 x 1.5 <> M40 x 1.5 female thread)

The GLANDMASTER can be labelled individually either by laser engraving or via a printed shrinking tube.

With fibre-optical systems from SOMMER CABLE the GLANDMASTER may be combined with the FOC protective tube to protect the sensitive buffer tubes against damages during transport and laying.


In combination with the cable glands available from SOMMER CABLE this results in virtually countless options for the realisation of cable splicings in the fields of load distributions, loudspeaker system wirings or fibre-optical and fibre-optical hybrid systems.

To match the cable glands special sealing inserts are available for the different splice types. They ensure a 100% tightness plus a perfectly working strain relief. For instance, segmented inserts for 4, 12, 16 and 25 FOC buffer tubes are available. Likewise segmented inserts for two 8 x 4 mm² speaker cables or three H07RN-F3G2.5 rubber main cables. The 360° clamping assembly of the applied cable glands made of glass fibre reinforced plastic saves the lines and still provides an absolutely dependable and robust compression joint.


The SOMMER CABLE standard range contains already a lot of articles with the GLANDMASTER sleeves. As usual custom-made designs are no problem and can be realised on request.

An excerpt showing some of the available standard items:


1.) FOC Breakout Cable
1.1.) Quad OM3 multimode with LC, SC or ST splice with FOC protection tube

2.) Loudspeaker Breakout Cable
2.1.) 8-pin connector (NL8, NLT8, PA-COM8) to 4 x 2-pin connector (NL2) or 2 x 4-pin connector (NL4/NLT4)
2.2.) 19-pin HI-SOCA connector to 4 x 4-pin connector (NL4/NLT4) or 2 x 8-pin connector (NL8/NLT8)

3.) 3 ph > 3 x 1 ph Load Adapter
3.1.) CEE5 cable plug 16 A to 3 x Schuko socket, 3 x CEE3 cable socket 16 A, 3 x PowerCON 20 A or 3 x PowerCON TRUE1

4.) FOC Hybrid Breakout Cable
4.1.) OCTOPUS HYBRID 443 with 3 x 2.5 mm² power, 4 x OM3 multimode FOC and 2 x signal