SP-BOXX - Systematic Loudspeaker Cabling...

LA-4 Connection box with cable, NL4-splice and NL4FX-SOM - exclusive special version of the NEUTRIK cable socket

Modern high performance power amplifiers deliver current peaks of up to 125 A and maximum voltages of up to 190 V. This power needs to be carried to the loudspeakers with as little loss as possible. In this context it has to be noted that more and more power amp channels must be assigned to the loudspeaker systems. Very often large "line array" systems have three or even four active ways per cabinet.

For a better adaptation to the area that is to be filled with sound, the ”bananas“ are also subdivided into several zones. Often subwoofers are flown as well to achieve a better radiation and range of the low frequencies. In most cases the frontstage subwoofers are also driven in a multiway mode to adapt the sound radiation to the venue, to keep the low frequencies off the stage as best as possible and, of course, to carry the energy from the power amplifiers to the loudspeakers without considerable losses. Likewise, on stage a large number of amplifier channels must be distributed over the entire stage area to the monitor loudspeakers.

All this should be cabled in a preferably clean, loss-free, simple, fast and nevertheless flexible manner. Furthermore, it is advisable to use as few cables as possible to keep e.g. traffic ways free.


Exactly this is now possible with the cabling systems around the SOMMER CABLE SP-BOXX: The connection boxes LA-1 to LA-6 offer great connectivity for maximum flexibility. Three NL4 sockets are available per channel pair: one fully wired (1+/1-/2+/2-) plus two partly wired (1+/1-).

LA-6 SP-BOXX with ELEPHANT speaker mulicore and splice to 4 x NL4


The clearly readable lettering is silkscreen printed on the robust housings of 2 mm steel panels. For flying operation an M10 insert nut has been provided. The internal construction is completely modular based on 2-channel pc boards; owing to the sealed crimping blade terminals, a replacement in case of service can be made without soldering gun & co.The 4-channel units LA-1 to LA-4 are equipped with NEUTRIK NL8 or HICON PA-COM8 multipins (plug-compatible with CA-COM and LK connectors), and the 8-channel units LA-5 and LA-6 have HI-SOCA19 multipins (plug compatible with the Socapex 419 series). Due to the modular concept of the housings, custom-made versions can be realised with relatively little effort.

Suitable for the boxes SOMMER CABLE provides different splice solutions. These can be either configured individually according to customer request or as standard solutions, e.g. also manufacturer-related (L'Acoustics, d&b and many more).


Here the new NL4FX-SOM is also put into service. This special version of the widespread speakON cable socket is available exclusively from SOMMER CABLE and the result of a close cooperation with NEUTRIK.
It is distinguished by a number of benefits. For instance, it is fitted with a clear transparent ring of 6 mm width for writing labels which can also be attached later. The socket housing is entirely charcoal grey. The bulkware version comes without a wire protection, enabling a direct configuration of 4 mm line ends with ferrules.
In combination with the highly flexible and rugged SOMMER CABLE speaker cables, you’ll thus get a perfect team for tough jobs on stage and "on the road".