SOS Global joins AGES as new Industry Partner

The Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) and SOS Global Express Inc. signed a three year agreement for “Logistics and Transportation” under the AGES Industry Partnership Program. With the expertise and support of SOS Global AGES will develop new standards, procedures and other tools to increase efficiency and reduce costs for event logistics.

Just in time
Logistics and transportation are crucial aspects in the event business and often represent important cost factors for global event suppliers, specifically when dealing with large projects far way. “It is not just about reliability and costs. Through our partnership we want to explore and find smarter solutions for our industry”, says Daniel Cordey, chairman of AGES.

Stephen O’Connell, Vice President of SOS Global, understands the challenges of the event suppliers industry very well. “SOS Global is honoured to team up with AGES as their Logistics Partner. Since we started the company in 1986 we have consistently expanded our reach into Global Events and we believe this Partnership is a natural expansion that will benefit all involved.”


The Industry Partnership Program
The Industry Partnership Program (IPP) is a program created by AGES for leading industrial companies who are directly connected with the business of its members and are willing to support the initiatives of AGES in specific thematic categories. Through knowledge transfer and active involvement by the partners, the IPP shall contribute to the elaboration of new standards and policies for the event suppliers industry. AGES and EY recently signed a partnership for the category “Assurance, Tax and Legal”

About AGES
The Association of Global Event Suppliers (AGES) is a none-for-profit-making organization based in Switzerland which has been formed to become the label for quality and reliability for temporary and demountable infrastructure works for major events.
The members are market leaders and front runners in the development of new products. Together they annually deliver services and works for close to 1.5 Billion EUR.
AGES wants to address the capabilities of the industry to governmental bodies, key stakeholders and organizers of large sports events to facilitate interaction and to obtain cost-effective infrastructure solutions for future events.


About SOS Global
SOS Global Express is a Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company specializing in Global Events and Projects. Founded 3 decades ago in 1986, SOS Global has been involved with Global Events since its inception. Beginning with the 1987 NFL Super Bowl, 1988 Olympics – SOS Global has continually expanded its presence at Global Events. Most recent events included the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, Nanjing Youth Olympics and 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada.
Headquartered in New Bern, NC (USA) with offices throughout the United States (10 locations) and Europe (United Kingdom, Germany and Russia). SOS Global meets the needs of its worldwide customers 24 / 7 / 365.