Sony Professional Highlights Strength in Live Production with new HD System Camera

The latest addition to Sony's highly successful range of live production solutions: the HDC-2500 and the SR-R1000 storage deck

At IBC this year, Sony Professional has announced the latest addition to its highly successful range of live production solutions, the HDC-2500. On the back of a year which has seen Sony push boundaries in terms of what can be achieved in live production, the HDC-2500 demonstrates Sony’s commitment to developing innovative solutions which confirm its position as the market leader in the industry.

Building on 30 years of technical advancement in live production, the HDC-2500 is equipped with the world’s first carbon graphite style body for a professional camera making it stronger than plastic and even magnesium. This improvement benefits not only the environment, due to the sustainability of the carbon graphite material, but also the camera operator, especially for field shooting usage.

The camera utilises advanced HD digital signal processing with 16 bit A/D converters. It also boasts newly developed CCD sensors and DSP which are incredibly sensitive and enable operators to produce a picture quality unlike any other system camera in the market.


Sony’s HDC Series is already renowned for its quality and reliability in the industry. The HDC-2500 is compatible with all current peripherals of the HDC-1500 series including the HDLA large lens adaptor and the T-adaptor for 3D live production.

In addition, the HDC-2500 is equipped with a 3G fibre transmission system as standard which enables faster data transmission. Ideal for 3D, the HDC-2500 has an output capability of 1080/50p for optimal picture quality. These improvements, as well as the built in Network TRUNK interface,make the camera future proof.


Another benefit of 3G fibre transmission is 1080/100i output capability which is also a standard function of the HDC-2500 camera.Combined with Sony’s SR-R1000 storage deck, which has already been used in key live productions environments like Wimbledon, the Champions League Final and the Audi Cup in Germany, the HDC-2500 is the ideal camera for filming sports and other fast-moving content. The footage can be slowed down significantly without compromising on image quality, with the built-in 2X speed functionality.

For more demanding production environments, the HDC-2500 features a 12 bit (4:4:4) transmission capability which can reach 4km, so capturing long distance shots is no longer an issue.

Claus Pfeifer, Strategic Marketing Manager, Sony Professional, Sony Europe, explains, “Sony’s involvement in events like the World Cup and the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, show our live production solutions are second to none. With products like the HDC-2500, we continue to evolve our product offering by bringing yet more innovation.”


The camera comes with 3D operational capability and if required, can also be operated in a triax environment by utilising the HDTX-100 triax adapter.