Sony Launches New Pay-As-You-Go Software Licenses

Permanent, 30 days and 7 days software licenses now available for HDC-1700, HDC-2400, HDC-2400DF and HDC-2570

Sony has today launched new pay-as-you-go software licensing agreements for its HDC Series cameras, offering Live Production users greater flexibility and significant cost savings. In effect from today, the new software licensing agreements will enable Sony’s Live Production customers to purchase temporary licenses for enabling 50P, 24-25Psf, 2x Slowmotion* frame rates and RGB 4:4:4 + User Gamma*, reducing the level of investment required at the outset and enabling Sony customers to future-proof their businesses without breaking the bank.

Up until now HDC Series camera users were required to buy long-term software licenses for shooting in different formats. In many instances this saw users tied to long-lasting agreements and acted as a barrier to the adoption of varied formats.

However, this new licensing model will allow users to purchase short term license keys that will enable them to switch easily between formats without becoming tied to long-term expensive licenses.

The three new agreements for the HDC- 1700, HDC-2400, HDC-2400DF and HDC-2570 cover varying time frames – Permanent, 30 days and 7 days – allowing producers to purchase the specific licenses required for individual productions. Due to the nature of the licenses, it then shifts the licensing costs from a capital expenditure (Capex) to an operational expenditure (Opex).

Sony was the first to offer cameras with a software licenses programme and now extend this to temporary licenses for seven or thirty days. The move will enable rental companies to offer customers a ‘swiss-army knife’ approach, allowing them to meet the individual needs of varied customers and markets. It will also empower those companies who seek to offer production facilities as a service, while traditional broadcasters will be able to upgrade licenses easily and cost-effectively, without being tied to long-lasting agreements.


Norbert Paquet, Product Marketing Manager, Sony Europe, said: “The introduction of pay-as-you-go software licensing for the HDC Series is all about offering users greater flexibility. We recognised that customers have varied needs and often want to be able to switch easily between formats, without incurring significant costs. Furthermore this licensing model will reduce the level of investment at the outset and change the way that licensing costs impact the balance sheet. They free up money to be spent in other areas and mean that customers can be ready for anything without it costing them the earth.”