Sony HDwireless Embedded

In order to uphold its reputation for providing the newest and most practical camera technology HDWireless is now the first company worldwide to use the Sony HDC 2400/2500 integrated wireless camera.

Following close collaborations with the leading manufacturers of the wireless applications during the product development stage and the first initial in house and practice orientated test runs at different events we can now point to our first successful Live television production. Nothing less than the opening of the largest folk festival worldwide with an audience of 1 million guests infront of TV-screens was managed by our newest technological highlight with exceptional results.

The integrated HDWireless system stands out through its compact and lightweight configuration. With its capability to access all camera functions via RCP and MSU the unit can easily be integrated into all the other surrounding camera periphery. Our broadcasting technology enables us to transmit video formats in progressive and interlaced.


In progessive mode we transmit with a latency time of of ~40ms, with the interlaced method ~60ms. By linking several reception areas with the use of ASI-networks significant distances can be covered by this camera system.

Sony HDC-2400 with wireless technology from BMS


Wies´n, Wasen; the largest folk festivals 
Live broadcasting of the opening ceremonies at the October festivals Wies’n in Munich and Wasen in Stuttgart, as well as the day to day coverage of the largest folk festival worldwide were carried out by HDwireless.

With close to 1.000 minutes of perfect footage we were once again able to repay the faith entrusted upon us by our clients in our usual style. Frequency coordination, system/production planning as well as the show broadcasting were all conducted faultlessly by our production engineers.


Technically efficient camera positions were required to provide widespread coverage at the individual locations and broad surroundings. In total covering an area of 4.000 m²! With the use of our glas fibre telemetry/video link-up system we were able to secure long distance signal transmissions and communication interchanges. At peak opperating times up to 10 HDwireless cameras were in service. All of which were low weight units or „ULC-UltraLiteCam“ Steadicams.