Sony Announces IP Transmission System for Live HD Video Production

The NXL-IP55 also works in harmony with the IP transmission features built into Sony’s new HDC-2000 broadcast camera

As part of Sony’s continuing effort to bring IP technology into the world of video production, Sony has developed the NXL-IP55, a video network unit that can transfer multiple HD image signals, audio signals and control signals over a single network cable. These units may be used, for example, when filming in a theatre or stadium, whereby images are transmitted simultaneously from multiple cameras with as minimal delay time as possible. The NXL-IP55 can keep latency to within a single field while sending data streams from multiple cameras over the network cable.

Live multi-camera HD production typically requires image transmission through coaxial cables that are compliant with the serial digital interface (HD-SDI), together with numerous other cables to carry syncing and control signals. However, with the NXL-IP55, only a single standard network is required to interconnect multiple cameras, resulting in simpler setup configurations and greater operational efficiency. As the NXL-IP55 supports bi-directional IP image transfer, any output switches made in the AV room propagate back to the stage-side NXL-IP55 with ultra-low delay, making high-quality large-screen projection possible.

The NXL-IP55 also works in harmony with the IP transmission features built into Sony’s new HDC-2000 broadcast camera. An HDC-2000 setup consists of a camera head and a camera control unit (CCU), connected by a Gbit network transmission line. By connecting an NXL-IP55 unit to each line, it becomes possible to transmit image signals from as many as three cameras. This in turn enables transmission of up to four HD images over a single composite fibre-optic cable, running between the separate cameras and CCUs. These capabilities can significantly enhance dynamic scene shooting when transmitting from sports and stage events.


By merging IP network transmission with the broadcast industry’s standard HD-SDI infrastructure, the NXL-IP55 is an example of Sony’s commitment to developing the next generation of live image transmission solutions.