Sony’s New Professional UWP-D Wireless Microphone Series

A Perfect Fit for Compact Camcorders and Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Sony’s new Hybrid Digital Processing UWP-D wireless microphone series delivers the perfect combination for electronic newsgathering, field production and DSLR users, in a compact and professional series.

The new UWP-D wireless microphone series are small and lightweight, making them suitable for a wide range of needs, and are available in three packages:

    UWP-D11: Belt-pack Transmitter, Portable Receiver
    UWP-D12: Handheld Microphone, Portable Receiver
    UWP-D16: Plug-on Transmitter, Belt-pack Transmitter, Portable Receiver

Sony’s unique Hybrid Digital Processing feature on the UWP-D series offers users the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analog FM modulation. This also improves the transient response performance between the UWP-D transmitter and receiver, which will provide impressive natural sound quality.

The new series employs fantastic wide frequency coverage, with a bandwidth of up to 72 MHz available. As a result, the UWP-D series covers 33 TV channels across Europe (272 MHz, between 470 and 790 MHz) and users can select from up to 2880 operating frequencies within this broad range.

UWP-D series also offers a True Diversity receiver (URX-P03) which results in an exceptionally stable audio signal being delivered from two independent receiver sections within the unit. Optimum signal quality is delivered by the two receiver sections and a comparison circuit constantly pulls the one with the best signal to give dropout free transmission.


An Automatic Channel Setting mode lets users perform all channel setting functions extremely easily. The Clear Channel Scan function detects all free available channels for use and the IR Sync function enables easy channel setting by sending information from the receiver to the transmitter by infrared communication.

The UWP-D receiver is equipped with a variable output level control, so even if the camcorder or camera does not have input level control, users can easily adjust to optimise recording levels.

The new large display on all UWP-D components gives more detailed information and is much easier to read on the bigger backlight LCD.

The UWP-D series’ components have a micro USB terminal* for connection to USB external portable power sources, allowing the unit to be powered by the camcorder during use, resulting in hassle free power. You can also load NiMh batteries into the belt-pack to be charged through the micro USB.


The UTX-M03 handheld transmitter is provided with a new Sony dynamic capsule; however it is the only microphone available within this price range that gives the option of interchangeable heads. Over 40 different capsules from various manufacturers can be mounted.

“The new UWP-D series has been designed with the production professional in mind. We have seen the growth of hand-held camcorder and DSLR use and believe that wireless microphones need to match and easily mount to these cameras using a new design of the light shoe adaptor” said Markus Warlich, Professional Audio Product Specialist, Sony Europe. “Also by using the variable output level a DSLR user will have an additional feature available, which will make great audio recording much easier”

The new UWP-D series transmitters and receivers are also compatible with Sony’s WL-800 series, UWP series and Freedom series allowing users to switch between different companding modes.  
The new UWP-D series is planned to be available in March 2014.