sono and VTS have merged

Four Managing Directors (l - r): Franz Olbert, Stefan Gnann, Stefan Krömer und Gottfried Düren

At IBC  sono Studiotechnik GmbH and VTS Studiotechnik GmbH announced the merger of their companies to the new company “sonoVTS GmbH”. The new company will be represented and managed by four shareholders and officers.

Mr. Gottfried Düren will take care of marketing, sales and distribution on the one hand and the development of the broadcast rental department on the other.
Mr. Stefan Gnann will have signatory responsibility for everything related to production and system integration.

Mr. Stefan Krömer will have signatory responsibility for everything related to engineering, system design, research and development, commissioning and training.
Mr. Franz Olbert will be responsible for the financial department.
By having two young members, Mr. Stefan Krömer and Mr. Franz Olbert, on the directors board the company is well prepared for a long lasting future.


With this merger sonovts is bringing together proven skills and ideas, the production facilities and a prooven understanding of the market segments, which the two former companies were addressing separately in the past.


From now on sonovts gas a team of 90 qualified people from areas that include consulting, systems design and system integration, broadcast-IT, broadcast rental services and the manufacturing of high-end TFT displays and studio equipment, special studio furniture, cabling systems and accessories.

sonovts strongly believes that the merger will strengthen their market position, help to promote their international business and tackle large-scale projects, for instance in the vast field of international live sports production.


sonovts facilities

sonoVTS GmbH
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