The SOMMER of systematic connections

The SOMMER CABLE company buildings

Already since 1999 SOMMER CABLE, located in the Northern Black Forest area, has supplied cables, connectors and the matching accessories to all over the globe.

The product portfolio comprises cable bulkware for the audio, video and network technology sectors as well as corresponding hybrid lines, matching connectors, finished cables, complex distribution systems, intelligent cabling and installation solutions, all types of active components and the appropriate accessories – in total, more than 20,000 articles are listed. Of paramount importance for the ’Straubenhardtians’ is the fast product availability with a continuous high product quality plus the competent and friendly customer advisory service.

An effective resource for the customer support is the SOMMER CABLE main catalogue with almost 500 pages. Its current ’V5’ edition will be first handed out in public at the Prolight & Sound. “Above all, our catalogue is really a great tool for planners and users from many sectors“, says Peter Rieck, Key Account & Distribution Manager with SOMMER CABLE.

And adds with a smile: “It has already a kind of cult status for a lot of people in the business and rumours have it that it’s even readily used as bedtime reading.“ The product range is aimed at event technicians and musicians, studio and media engineers as well as facility managers and planners.


New products for the fair
SOMMER CABLE is breaking fresh ground with their new products under the ’CARDINAL DVM’ brand. Two completely new product series will be shown of these at the Prolight + Sound 2012.

The DVM120 series contains 6 different problem fixers and audio tools for professional live and studio applications. All devices have the same indestructible no-compromise housing design. The series consists of 2-channel DI boxes and line splitters, a valve-driven DI box, a multifunctional headphone amplifier and a monitoring mini controller. The series will be complemented by other devices during the year.

The DVM194 series contains 4 special components for installation, live and studio applications. Here the ¼-19“ housing design allows the integration into the widely used SYSBOXX housing system by SOMMER CABLE and also into all common housing systems pursuant to DIN 41494, enabling a combination of connecting units and active electronics. A 4channel 2-bus mixer, a 2 x 75 W power amplifier, a 2-way headphone amplifier system with AUX input and a 3.5“display module are currently available in this series. According to SOMMER CABLE, possible fields of use are installations in the conference and catering business. But the devices are also ideally suited for live applications. User friendliness and a compact outline were given priority in their design process.


With the new THE BOXX 0208 floor stagebox design SOMMER CABLE establishes 2 entirely new system cabling solutions. The housing allows the installation of 2 Schuko sockets and a max. of 8 connectors (D-type).

The MONOLITH system solutions combine up to 8 NF signal lines with a mains supply. This will render the extra mains cabling for musicians and devices on stage dispensable. Different model versions are available: box to splice, box with one or two multipins (special multipin with 8 x 16 A and 24 x 10 A contacts), breakout cable and rackpatch versions.

On top of that the MONOCAT system solutions integrate network signals with the NF lines and the mains supply. For the multipin connection SOMMER CABLE now relies on the new HAN-ECO series from connector maker HARTING. This combines a virtually indestructible thermoplastic housing with a modular inner structure. Certified Gigabit modules are also available to be used with these systems. All systems are tested with certified measuring equipment prior to shipping.


Future prospects
Due to the constantly increasing level of integration and the resulting coalescence of the media, IT and house technology worlds, many new possibilities are created and in some cases new markets. We are observing this with excitement and will always adapt our product portfolio to the new requirements. Right here the importance of a high degree of flexibility becomes evident.

The ever increasing demand and the ever growing clientele show us that our strategy of a consistently high warehouse capacity was and is right. The customers appreciate our flexibility and the short delivery times. This is particularly true of the project business where often every day counts. Another important factor for our customers is our price stability, because we fully compensate for the fluctuating copper price. As a matter of fact, we sell our cables ’all in’ copper, i.e. with no premium on Cu base.

We are especially proud of our new main catalogue which contains a lot of information together with a large range of new products. As a matter of principle, we try to account for the system concept. There can be no doubt that the wishes of our customers always have priority for us and will always influence the product design as well.

SOMMER CABLE is developing more and more into a full-range system house for the business fields of cables, connectors as well as active and passive signal management.