SOMMER CABLE presents waterproof RGBW LED cable

SOMMER CABLE presents waterproof RGBW LED cable

Heat, sand and water can pack up and go home: SC-AQUA MARINEX LED CONTROL braves the elements

Outdoor wiring is a demanding task. Especially when it’s about realizing permanent installations, most products will fail due to poor UV resistance and lacking waterproofness. SOMMER CABLE is now presenting the new SC-AQUA MARINEX LED CONTROL which relies on outstanding weather durability and therefore commends itself as a professional RGBW LED control cable.

“Our new AQUA cable is cold flexible down to –40 °C, temperature resistant up to +80 °C, sand repellent and at the same time even salt water resistant. And owing to its UV resistant outer jacket it is also protected against intense solar radiation. Our customers can therefore carry out demanding wiring jobs with a clear conscience, even down to a water depth of 10 meters (33 ft.)“, explains Pascal Miguet, Product & Sales Manager at SOMMER CABLE.

The SC-AQUA MARINEX LED CONTROL has a 5-wire design, it is completely halogen-free and transversely waterproof. Due to its tight braiding, the new cable is also ideally suited for mobile use. SOMMER CABLE recommends the AQUA cable both for indoor and outdoor use, in particular for extending RGB strips, as RGB signal supply line or also for medical and electrotechnical applications.



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