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Solutions Demonstrated at CABSAT 2010

Omneon at CabSat 2. - 4. March 2010

At CABSAT 2010 Omneon will demonstrate HD workflows including easy, flexible multiformat playout based on the new MIP-5501, part of the MediaPort 5500 series. The MIP-5501 will be featured performing back-to-back playout of SD and HD clips on the same timeline, with real-time up- and downconversion enabling a mix of MPEG and DV formats.

Products Featured at CABSAT 2010

The Omneon booth at CABSAT 2010 will feature an SD/HD file-based workflow, with ingest and transmission using the Omneon Spectrum(TM) and MediaDeck(TM) servers, with Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) edit-in-place. In addition, there will be demonstrations of the benefits of the acclaimed Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage platform and ProXchange(TM) high-performance transcoding system. Omneon will also be showcasing the award-winning ProCast(TM) CDN content distribution platform, which provides managed, secure, and efficient content distribution across multiple sites.

A demonstration of the Omneon MediaDeck(TM) GX complete channel-playout solution will give show attendees the chance to see firsthand the system's sophisticated yet simple capabilities including comprehensive wipes, squeezebacks, graphics, branding, and text.

Omneon also will provide a "real world" demonstration of an end-to-end HD production workflow supported by Omneon storage. This practical model will illustrate how the Omneon Spectrum(TM) and Dolby(R) DP600 can be used along with Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(R) to enable ingest, editing, and Dolby-E encoding of media while meeting the multilanguage dubbing requirements of a 5.1 surround sound environment.

Omneon Spectrum(TM) Media Server

The Omneon Spectrum(TM) media server system is the industry's most scalable, reliable, and cost-effective video server and storage infrastructure for television production, playout, and archive applications -- a solution that's transforming the economics of broadcasting for television operations worldwide. Media server solutions from Omneon enable broadcasters to migrate from analog to digital, from tape to disk, from SD to HD, and from single- to multichannel operations. By combining its expertise in broadcast with the best practices of information technology, Omneon is able to deliver cost-effective and flexible networked media servers that meet the demanding requirements of broadcast environments. Omneon Spectrum(TM) media servers incorporate an open and advanced architecture, providing a facility with a scalable common server and storage infrastructure.

Simulating real-world failure scenarios, the "Resiliency Centre" will give visitors to the Omneon CABSAT booth the opportunity to get "up close and personal" with the Spectrum system.


HD Workflow: Omneon MediaPort 5300 Series

The Omneon MediaPort 5300 series of powerful HD/SD MPEG-2 encode/decode devices supplies one play/record plus one play channel per module, with up to two modules per enclosure. Supporting a wide range of HD and SD bit rates and MPEG-2 encoding formats, the MediaPort 5300 maximizes broadcasters' ability to balance picture quality and storage utilization, with excellent support for today's file-based production workflow. The MediaPort 5300 provides higher channel density and a far lower cost per channel than stand-alone HD encoders and includes HD playback capability, as well. Like all MediaPort devices, it integrates easily into both new and existing Omneon Spectrum(TM) SD and HD systems without requiring changes to other system components, simplifying deployment and operation. Its flexible support for both HD and SD MPEG-2 (including IMX) eases the transition from SD to HD and supports both SD and HD ingest and playback in a single device.

Omneon MediaDeck(TM) Server

The Omneon MediaDeck(TM) server is a broadcast-quality video server designed specifically for broadcasters who need a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy platform for up to six channels. The MediaDeck server is an integrated version of the Spectrum media server, combining storage, system management, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and video I/O modules in one convenient 2-RU package. By leveraging the Spectrum(TM) server architecture, the MediaDeck server combines mission-critical reliability with support for a complete range of broadcast workflows.


MediaDeck(TM) GX Playout Solution

The MediaDeck(TM) GX is a complete channel-playout solution that combines the proven video server playout of the Omneon MediaDeck server system with world-class graphics, a leading branding and master control module, and advanced audio processing, all of which operate under the control of the user's preferred automation system. A cost-effective, easy-to-deploy playout platform, the MediaDeck GX system makes it easier and more affordable for broadcasters to launch new services or to make incremental additions to their existing channel lineup.

Omneon MediaGrid(TM) Active Storage System

The award-winning Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system represents a technological breakthrough: It is the first content storage system to play an active part in the broadcast workflow. Version 2.1 enables a smaller, more affordable, entry-level system configuration suitable for a wider range of facilities, such as local broadcast stations, post-production facilities, and corporate A/V departments. Among the features in the Omneon MediaGrid 2.1 are the ability to create storage reservations so that individual users are guaranteed a minimum amount of storage, tail-mode FTP to support active workflows in conjunction with third-party servers, and more robust system monitoring and reporting.


Omneon ProXchange(TM) Transcoding System

Omneon ProXchange(TM) version 1.1 is a high-performance transcoding system designed for high-volume multiformat media environments. Running on the Omneon MediaGrid(TM) active storage system, the ProXchange system takes advantage of the combined storage and processing architecture offered by the Omneon MediaGrid system to deliver scalable and efficient grid-based transcoding.

Omneon ProXchange performs conversion between a wide variety of video and audio formats, including all formats supported by the Omneon Spectrum(TM) media server, as well as conversion to the low-resolution H.264 format and to Microsoft(R) Windows Media(R) VC-1 and Adobe(R) Flash(R) video formats. Conversion and rewrapping between wrapper formats also is supported (QuickTime(R) and Material eXchange Format), with preservation and accurate placement of all metadata through all conversions.

Omneon MediaTools(TM)

As broadcasters increasingly utilize media servers at the core of their operations, there is a growing need for smart, intuitive utilities for controlling server functions and managing media files contained within the system. To meet this need, Omneon offers a suite of MediaTools(TM) that provide simple and cost-effective, yet powerful, functionality. The Omneon ClipTool Pro is a Windows(R)-based software application that provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface for monitoring and controlling playout and record functionality for an Omneon Spectrum(TM) media server. With a VTR-like control panel, ClipTool Pro provides powerful control for ingest, quality assurance, and playout operations. Written directly to Omneon APIs, ClipTool Pro provides agile, precise manual record and playout control.


Edit-in-Place With Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(TM)

Both Omneon MediaGrid(TM) storage and Omneon Spectrum(TM) media server systems can be used as network drives for an Apple(R) Final Cut Pro(TM) system, providing the integrated ingest, storage, and playout infrastructure needed to establish a productive, collaborative broadcast environment.