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Snell at IBC 2011

Demonstrations will showcase Kahuna 360, the multiformat (including 1080p) production switcher

"Our offerings at IBC2011 are significant — we are introducing a number of solutions that redefine their categories," said Norman Rouse, vice president of global marketing and PR at Snell. "Our Morpheus-powered automation solutions deliver unprecedented functionality, both for channel-in-a-box implementations and enterprise multi-station installations. Additionally, our routing, restoration, standards conversion, and production switcher products all feature file-based capabilities that greatly reduce the cost and complexity of media processing and delivery."

Snell will introduce new product releases and enhancements that offer higher functionality while lowering operating costs. Highlights will include standards conversion for file-based workflows, a redefinition of the "channel-in-a-box" model, introduction of a new standard in multi-format routers, and a new approach to modular infrastructure. Demonstrations will showcase Kahuna 360, the multiformat (including 1080p) production switcher that breaks away from the tradition of fixed M/Es and supports many simultaneous productions from a single frame. Snell also will demo the Morpheus/Screentoo "second screen" application, which allows media and broadcast organizations to distribute and monetize their branded applications to iPad® tablets and other mobile platforms.

Channel-in-a-Box: Redefined at IBC2011

Snell's channel-in-a-box playout offering delivers the full range of functionality users require while reducing overall system cost for a fully capable playout solution. Morpheus ICE Version 2.2 introduces additional branding tools for visually enhancing HD and/or SD channels. Operators can generate vertical and horizontal crawls via automated URL or RSS feed, or from manually created source information, and multiple DVE per mixer effects allow them to squeeze different on-air content while inserting graphics and audio effects. ICE also meets any head-end requirement with its ability to set specific VANC packets (such as SCTE-104) in the outgoing video path for each on-air channel.



Playout: Morpheus Automation Introduces Industry-Leading BXF Capabilities

With Morpheus Version 2.3, Snell introduces industry-leading BXF functionality that facilitates enterprise-level integration with business systems and thereby enables greater efficiencies and maximizes the overall value of automation. At IBC2011, Snell will demonstrate three of these modules: BXF Import Content, BXF Media Change Notifier, and BXF Schedule Query. These three modules provide a continuous loop between the Morpheus database and all configured third-party BXF-compliant systems. Whether media metadata is being created upstream or downstream, all systems can automatically access the same up-to-date information, ensuring facilities are better equipped to manage their content seamlessly and accurately across multiple distribution platforms.

Routing Switchers

Routing Switchers: New Sirius 800 Audio Capacities Redefine Router Functionality

Snell has leveraged its technical expertise to integrate and optimize audio functionality within its Sirius 800 Series large-scale multi-format routers. Support for embedded audio routing and for audio track swapping on inputs and outputs allow users to route any combination of embedded, discrete, and MADI sources and destinations. The Sirius 800 Series' re-assignable firmware eliminates the need for external modular cards and, as well as saving space and power, Sirius 800 routers give users the flexibility to configure the type and amount of functionality they need — now and in the future — at the right price.


Centra Vite Simplifies Complex Router Installations and Setup

Being launched for the first time at IBC2011, Snell's new router control configuration tool Centra Vite is an intuitive solution for fast setup and immediate router use as desired. A Web control panel ensures out-of-the-box operation, and an external snapshot application saves the live status of all or a selection of routes and later recalls those settings. Free with Snell routers, Centra Vite offers a straightforward upgrade path to Snell's powerful Centra system-wide control and monitoring system without compromising existing user interfaces and fundamental operation.

Real-Time Film and Video Restoration

Real-Time Film and Video Restoration: Archangel Ph.C – HD Version 3 Increases Intelligence and Control

Archangel Ph.C – HD Version 3 brings third-party control panel support to Archangel's precise scene-by-scene, timecode-driven restoration capability. Offering users even more flexibility for controlling restoration parameters such as the level of dirt, dust, noise, grain, flicker, instability, dropout, and scratch repair. Version 3 of Archangel Ph.C – HD adds support for the Tangent Wave and JL Cooper Eclipse CX™ hard control panels (both being displayed at IBC2011), allowing users to assign controls to panel buttons, sliders, and trackballs and thereby work faster in a more precise, intuitive, and familiar fashion.



Conversion: Alchemist Ph.C – HD Enables Industry-Leading Standards Conversion in IT-Based Domain

Responding to customer demand, Snell is releasing an Alchemist Ph.C – HD standards converter that integrates even more simply, smoothly, and readily into tapeless workflows while still providing unparalleled processing and visual results and meeting users' evolving business requirements. A new file I/O is supported via optional hardware with a dedicated conversion application. The converter now also boasts additional modes for low-frame-rate conversions, making it the perfect choice for producing Blu-ray™ Disc and DVD deliverables. Its FilmTools3 option provides even higher performance for film-rate conversions.

Modular Infrastructure

Modular Infrastructure: IQ Modular Platform Provides More Processing Power in 3U Than Ever

Snell's new IQ3HB 3RU IQ Modular platform supports greater densities and greater throughput in a single space-saving frame and it accepts a full complement of "high-end" processing modules from current and next-generation card types. An alternative mix of network interfaces can be produced for different applications simply by fitting an alternative rear module. All IQ modules can be fitted in the new frame, and new IQ3HB frames can be seamlessly added to an existing RollCall network with current frames (IQ3H, IQ1H) and controllers.


Hyperion QC Engine Adds Sophistication to Automated Monitoring

Snell's dedicated QC Engine powered by Hyperion is an entirely new way to monitor the integrity of content throughout the broadcast infrastructure. For the first time, a broadcast monitoring system evaluates the content of a video signal rather than measures the absolute technical properties of the signal, allowing broadcasters to realize more sophisticated multi-channel monitoring and significant new protections when delivering premium, high-value content. Additional features enable remote monitoring over IP via video thumbnails; audio level metering; metadata monitoring and content identification from source to output using Program Identification (PID) and UMID data insertion; multiple detection regions; and AFD detection and comparison.

IQ Modular 3G Fiber Solutions

The new IQ Modular 3G range of fiber-optic interfacing modules combines electrical-to-optical conversion with critical processing functions such as video synchronizing, audio embedding, and audio de-embedding. These single-slot, space-saving solutions free users from the limitations of copper infrastructure and enable them to work with both coax and fiber in planning cost-effective HD expansion and 3Gbps (1080p) signal delivery. These fiber solutions can be fully integrated with Snell's Centra control and monitoring platform for comprehensive monitoring of signal status.