Dominator AT/3G Servers Placed at Heart of EXPO 2017 Broadcast Workflow Dominator AT/3G Servers Placed at Heart of Kazakhstan'sEXPO 2017 Broadcast Workflow

Cost Effective and Resilient Server offers Super/Slow Motion and Instant Replay Capabilities; creates virtual rehearsal for opening ceremony, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance server-based video recording and replay systems, has provided  its newly introduced Dominator AT/3G production servers to the Kazakhstan state broadcaster. The servers provide essential content record, storage and replay facilities to the televising of the Astana-based international exhibition, EXPO 2017, which is currently underway. With 115 participant countries and over two million visitors predicted to attend, this event takes on great political as well as cultural significance in the central Asian region.

Televising the EXPO 2017 opening ceremony posed significant challenges for host Broadcaster – Kazakhstan Public TV & Radio Corporation, and its flagship TV channel, ‘Kazakhstan’. The first was one of scale: the opening ceremony involved several hundred actors and special effects, and included Kazakhstan President Nazarbaev welcoming exhibitors and participants to the event.

Another significant challenge presented itself in terms of restricted opportunities for rehearsal of the opening ceremony. There were very few occasions for the artistic teams and TV production teams to rehearse together. The cost and logistical challenges prevented several re-takes, but with’s Dominator AT/3G servers the broadcaster’s team could "turn the clock back" and review the live material to select the best camera positions, focus, shot sequences and many other parameters. The broadcaster used a Dominator feature called ‘The Academy’.  This software-based option enables the Dominator system operator to synchronously replay and mark all recorded channels in order to choose the best, most impressive shots to be included within the live broadcast stream.


During the rehearsal, two Dominator servers took live feeds from 16 HD production cameras. Immediately after capturing content the production director and producer could replay and mark up all the streams to create the best combination of shots. Also, this facility provided the broadcaster with a backup copy of all of the opening ceremony for contingency purposes.

Introduced at NAB 2017, each Dominator AT/3G server system provides SSD storage of 266 hours of 100mbit HD video. At EXPO 2017, this large storage capacity enabled the production team to record and store several days filming material with no need for back-up the material to external storage systems.  As well as recording up to 12 3G SDI video channels, Dominator AT/3G can simultaneously replay any channel with smooth speed control. An embedded multi-viewer provides ultra-fast access to all recorded material on both HDMI and/or SDI output.


"With Dominator servers we created a unique opportunity to train and rehearse the entire team from directors and cameramen through to replay system operators,” commented Eduard Tkachenko, Head of Technology for the Ceremony Videoproduction EXPO 2017. “With technology we've managed to find the best camera combination and create within a live broadcast a ‘presence feeling’ for our audience around the Globe.

Cost Effective and Resilient Server offers Super/Slow Motion and Instant Replay Capabilities; creates virtual rehearsal for opening ceremony


“With all content saved on just two servers this saved us cost in several areas and simplified the production of the souvenir Blu-Ray Disc of EXPO 2017.  We benefited from our relationship with in terms of its cutting edge technology and also the great support they provided to our production team,” concluded Mr. Tkachenko.

Dominator AT/3G. 
Representing the next generation’s multichannel 3G/HD/SD video recording server system, Dominator AT/3G was introduced at NAB 2017. The compact server system enables advanced slow motion and instant replay capabilities as well as direct recording for editing ‘on site’. Dominator AT/3G supports up to 10 3G/HD/SD channels in replay mode, four playback channels and powerful search capabilities on up to 10 channels without disrupting the core recording and playback functions. In ‘record for editing mode’ this server system can record up to 12 channels of HD/SD video.


Building on the success of previous models, the new AT/3G line offers enhanced replay capabilities, where two operators can work simultaneously on the same unit. Since the system has four independent graphic outputs each operator can work on the main GUI and a separate multi-viewer monitor simultaneously. In replay mode, the operator can display up to six recording channels and two video playback channels, as well as having access to five channels for clip marking and playlist editing.

Importantly, when operating in SuperMo mode, the new Dominator AT/3G can simultaneously support three Sony, Hitachi or GVG 3X Super Motion and one ISO cameras, or alternatively two Panasonic 4X Super Motion AK-H5000 plus two regular ISO cameras.

About Kazakhstan Republic TV & Radio Corporation
Kazakhstan Republic TV & Radio Corporation is the 100% State owned TV and Radio broadcaster of Kazakhstan. The TV channel "Kazakhstan" is located at the Kazmediacenter in the capital city, Astana and supports a regional network around the country. The channel’s programming includes news, current affairs and entertainment programmes in the Kazah language, and is one of the most important news media and entertainment channels not only for Kazakhstan, but for also for Central Asia.


Established in 2007, the company has successfully introduced complete lines of high quality multi-channel professional recording and instant replay products. has brought to market a number of effective solutions for tapeless video production technology. systems, such as Dominator and Simple R, are widely used on major TV channels, and the company’s video judging system for sports, videoReferee®, has become an integral part of many sport arenas worldwide.