SKY Perfect JSAT Selects EVS’ Epsio Live Graphics Solution

SKY Perfect JSAT chose EVS’ live replay and graphic systems

SKY Perfect JSAT, the Japanese-based broadcasting network that owns the rights to the production and distribution of the prestigious Japanese Football League, J.League, has chosen EVS’ live production technology to improve the viewing experiences of its audiences during live match broadcasts for the upcoming football season. Using Epsio Live control systems, SKY Perfect JSAT will create virtual graphics during live operations and insert them instantly during a live match broadcast.

SKY Perfect JSAT chose EVS’ live replay and graphic systems, which will be used on all matches of the new season of the J.League, to create live virtual graphic analysis during the games. In total, over 30 XT-series servers and controllers will be operated by SKY Perfect JSAT contracted production facilities during the coverage of 300 matches in 2012.

The system will be implemented in time for the first match of the season on 10 March 2012. The Japanese broadcaster’s audiences will be offered a series of graphics indicators that will appear on the pitch during live matches to highlight the offside position of players, distances to the goal at free kicks, and tracking circles surrounding key players.


Naofumi Kaneko, sports director at SKY Perfect Broadcasting Corporation, and Dai Katoh Technical Producer at SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, commented on the project: “The integration of EVS’ live graphics systems in our production is a great opportunity for us to increase the live TV football experience for our audiences. Epsio Live is the first live graphics system we’ve seen that’s been so reactive, and its ability to provide quality graphics in real time at the highest standard for action replay, is truly amazing.”

Epsio Live is the first system to offer instant virtual graphic inserts during a live broadcast production and is easily controlled using EVS’ renowned replay system, LSM With Epsio Live, LSM operators can simply manage the insertion of graphical overlays in real-time or during instant replays.

The available graphic overlays in Epsio Live include an offside line, a nine-metre circle, distance to the goal, scores and logo inserts. All effects are immediately available and can be instantly added using the LSM controller. With its unique auto-field detection system, based on different pre-defined camera angles, Epsio Live is able to instantly and automatically recognize the playing surface during live coverage and virtually draw the graphic overlays along the borders of the pitch. This one-second operation is selectable with just one button, and the operator can manually trigger the offside line with the jog wheel of the LSM.