Sixty to Showcase Extensive New Feature Set for Ease Live at IBC2016

Sixty to Showcase Extensive New Feature Set for Ease Live at IBC 2016

TV experience company Sixty will be exhibiting at IBC and will showcase the extended functionality now available for its multi-award-winning Ease Live system.

Ease Live brings an innovative new capability to the industry. It integrates with any existing broadcast graphics system or workflow and allows broadcasters to send statistics, highlights and other compelling information from their graphics systems directly to end users.

Taking advantage of the data feeds already in use for the linear broadcast, Ease Live makes the data interactive and available to viewers with no requirement for further integration. This enables both money and time to be saved by simplifying and speeding up the creative process; minimises resource requirements within the distribution flow; and enhances the viewer experience for increased competitive advantage in a challenging marketplace.

“The enhancements we are showing in Amsterdam are all designed to make Ease Live even more capable and easy to use. Merging internet with TV means you get a whole new world of interactivity which makes this a truly compelling solution that can deliver real value to broadcasters.” said Kjetil Horneland, CEO of Sixty.


Ease Live
Ease Live can be used by any broadcast system and online video platform to unify the linear and online TV experience with one brand and design experience, while enabling on-air graphics to come to life in the hands of the audience. It also allows end users to interact with the pool of data and statistics that has previously only been seen and curated by producers in the editing room. Today, Ease Live supports iOS, Android and web, allowing it to be deployed on the three largest OTT platforms today and maximizing access for the customer base.

New Features at IBC
Ease Live integration with Viz Engine
At IBC, Sixty will demonstrate how Ease Live now connects to the core of Vizrt’s Viz Engine, enabling broadcasters to use any graphics control system to execute graphics, and still have all events synced to the Ease Live server.


Time code synchronisation
Ease Live stays synced with the video stream. Regardless of whether the video is delayed by an unpredictable network connection at the viewer's end, the graphics will always play according to the timecode at the time the graphics are executed in the studio control room. Ease Live utilises timecode or timestamps, and enables the possibility of pausing and rewinding with synchronised and still interactive graphics.

Ease Live integration with vision mixers
Recognising the reality of the typical studio control room workflow, Ease Live can now monitor when the vision mixer takes the broadcast graphics on air and synchronise the interactive graphics accordingly.


Multiple language selection/support
Broadcasters can now set the language for all graphics to match viewer language, based either on their geographical location or by individual user preference, without having to broadcast additional video feeds.

User/viewer statistics tracking
All user activity with the interactive Ease Live graphics can now be logged for statistical purposes, giving broadcasters and advertisers valuable feedback.


Norway-based Sixty – who have been pioneers in the field of user experience design and front-end implementation in a multiscreen environment for over ten years - wraps content in a compelling look and feel to drive viewers to broadcasters’ programming. The company – which has a worldwide client base - enables easy implementation of interactive TV, and allows users to quickly design and launch television experiences across any platform or device including linear, web, mobile phones, and tablets.