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SIS LIVE, a leading outside broadcast(OB) facility and uplink supplier in Europe, has acquired the business and assets of Leicesterbasedoutside broadcast company Dales Broadcast. Under the terms of the deal, SIS LIVE hasbought Dales Broadcast’s fleet of highly specified, midsizeOB trucks and other broadcastequipment. Dales Broadcast’s managing director, Julian Boden, joins SIS LIVE to assist inintegrating the business with SIS LIVE’s existing OB operation.

Dales' vehicles immediately give us greater breath

David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE, says the acquisition will help SIS LIVE offercustomers more options and open up a wider market for outside broadcasts. “The outsidebroadcast trucks we are acquiring from Dales Broadcast are among the best in the businessaimed at the midrangeof the market. They immediately give us greater breath in what wecan offer,” Meynell says.“SIS LIVE’s existing fleet of trucks includes some of the largest and best equipped in thecountry serving the top end of the market, whereas the trucks we are acquiring from DalesBroadcast are more modest. They give us an in into different markets. Not every job requiresone of our bigger trucks and we will be using Dales’ vehicles to target the more affordable endof the market.”

SIS LIVE has won the contract to supply the production and coverage facilities for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

Dales Broadcast has been working for SIS LIVE’s parent company, SIS, for a number ofyears providing coverage of horseracing from around the UK. This work will now be broughtinhouse.Paul Griffiths, Operations Director, SIS LIVE, says: “With the acquisition of the BBC OutsideBroadcast division in 2008, it makes sense to bring inhouseall the horseracing OB businessthat Dales Broadcast has been providing for us. The acquisition also allows us to expand theservices we can offer to midmarketapplications such as smallerscalebroadcast jobs andcorporate events.”SIS LIVE, which incorporates the former BBC Outside Broadcast division, has over 70 yearsexperience of covering major sporting and other national occasions. It currently provides thefacilities and personnel to cover everything from Formula One to Wimbledon to the LondonMarathon. SIS LIVE has also just won the prestigious contract to supply the production andcoverage facilities for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.