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After its aquisition of Dales Broadcast in December 2009, SIS LIVE, a leading outside broadcast (OB)and uplink supplier in Europe, has agreed to buy the bulk of the assets of leading OB company 021 Televisionfrom Gravity Media Group. Under the terms of the multi-million pound deal, SIS LIVE will acquire thestate-of-the-art OB fleet of 021 Television and most of the staff. SIS LIVE will also take on 021Television’s customer contracts.

The O21 OB fleet now joins the BBC fleet which was aquired in 2008

David Meynell, Managing Director, SIS LIVE, says “This is a perfect acquisition for SIS LIVE. 021Television is one of the best commercial outside broadcast companies in the country and combinedwith the SIS LIVE fleet we will have a compelling offer for clients.”021 Television was originally part of the ITV Group, before being sold to Gravity Media in 2006 and itsvehicles retain a distinct operating feel. They now join the SIS LIVE vehicles, many of which camefrom the BBC Outside Broadcasts division that SIS LIVE acquired in 2008. The combined fleet canoffer a variety of operating modes to a broad market of clients.

SIS live has met with O21's customers to talk about their contracts

Phil Aspden, Commercial Director, SIS LIVE, says: “We are acquiring six large OB trucks, includingthree of the latest high definition vehicles, which have a strong appeal to the wider broadcast market.We have also met with 021’s customers to talk about their contracts, and they are happy the businessis going to an established company like ours. We are looking forward to building on the excellentrelationships that 021 have developed over many years and providing an even greater range of SISLIVE services and increasing the depth of support.”
SIS LIVE has over 70 years experience of covering major sporting and other national occasions. Itcurrently provides the facilities and personnel to cover everything from Formula One to Wimbledon tothe London Marathon and has recently won the contract to supply host broadcast facilities for the 2010Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.