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SIS LIVE’s Multi-Camera, Mobile Video Streaming Production Unit Powered by NewTek TriCaster TCXD850

SISCaster HD at Earls Court

SIS LIVE’s SISCaster is a compact HD OB and UpLink Vehicle which has achieved widespread acceptance for live broadcasting web streaming and mobile content delivery, opening up new opportunities for multi-platform event coverage.

SISCaster is a highly innovative, sophisticated, affordable and easy to use system that integrates multiple wireless cameras, its own IP uplink and all the facilities normally found in a high end scanner into a vehicle the size of a standard carrier. The unit is ideal for traditional program making, product launches and for covering live events on big screens while simultaneously feeding video, recording and broadcasting to the internet. SISCaster HD delivers a full HD signal and can connect and mix up to 8 HD cameras.

SISCaster HD uses the latest self aligning VSAT satellite technology to offer unlimited streaming at a choice of bit rates to any server required. It also encodes edited clips or the live vision mixer output, using the on-board Windows Media, QuickTime, Real Player, iPhone and Flash encoders with multistream capability.


In its latest unit, SIS LIVE has integrated NewTek’s TriCaster TCXD850, the newest and award-winning member of the TriCaster family in HD/SD. TriCaster TCX850 is designed to meet the most demanding HD production requirements. This 22-Channel HD/SD live production switcher comes in a rack mount form factor, with redundant power and removable storage; eight external sources, eight virtual/mix channels; new live HD virtual sets and advanced matte generation; overlay with rotation, positioning and scaling in 3D plus animated effects; HD live streaming; increased media player capabilities, and multi-view monitoring of all inputs and outputs. The new TriCaster TCXD850 is easy to learn and use, with the flexibility for one person or a small team to deliver HD network-quality video.

SISCaster HD Features

• A powerful 22 channel (Tricaster TCXD850) HD/SD vision mixer with DVE moves and mix/wipe effects via mixer panel, touchscreen or mouse operation mix between HD & SD sources
• Green screen, for virtual sets, facility built in
• On-board powerful lower third graphics
• On-board VTR with 36 hours recording time and removable drives
• Three Panasonic P2 cameras, with digital wireless capability (Optional) - (up to eight cameras, if req’d)
• Tapeless recording on the cameras and within the system
• Drag and drop video editing, VTR replay and slow motion replay within the system
• Import web video, AVI, Quicktime and Windows Media clips
• Full monitoring with integral two commentator system
• On-board satellite system with automatic satellite acquisition for IP connectivity and web streaming formats
• Full SD or HD SDI output and stream live to the web
• DECT licence free camera and presenter talkback system

A full range of additional extras including graphics packages are also available.

SISCaster HD with TriCaster TCXD850 was showcased on SIS LIVE’s outside stand at IBC and was streaming live during IBC on



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