Singtel TV Selects SoftCast From Ideal Systems


Ideal Systems Singapore today announced that it has been selected to provide, deliver, and install a turnkey multi-channel playout diversity system for broadcast business continuity planning based on the award winning SoftCast Technology platform for Singtel TV.

The multi-channel HD solution incorporates a number of SoftCast modules including multiple channels of SC-AutoPlay for HD channel-in-a-box automation and playout. The SC-AutoPlay also includes integrated CG graphics and subtitles. The solution also includes multiple channels of SC-Ingest running under the control of the SoftCast Media Asset Management module, SC-MAM.

All of the SoftCast modules run on standard Dell workstations and servers, and the solution has redundant Dell Force10 network switches to connect to the highly resilient Titanium Z60 NAS from SmallTree for secure content storage with high bandwidth. Ideal Systems is building the system using baseband glue and infrastructure from Evertz, which includes master clock and sync pulse generators, re-clocking distribution amplifiers, and frame synchronizers.


“We are delighted to have been selected for this project as it shows the implementation flexibility of the SoftCast Technology platform which can be used as a primary broadcast solution or, as is the case with this project, integrated into complex primary broadcast systems to provide a fully redundant and diversified solution,” said Ms. Sing Yee Lee, product manager for SoftCast at Ideal Systems Singapore.

About Ideal Systems
Ideal Systems, Asia’s largest broadcast systems integrator and is a multinational organization providing innovative media and design solutions to sectors, including broadcasting, telecoms, and media. Ideal Systems provides services that range from systems consultancy and design conceptualization to systems deployment and support of broadcast systems, facilities and studios.
SoftCast Technology is the product division of Ideal Systems, based in Singapore. Launched in 2014 SoftCast provides Software based products for News, Automation, Playout and MAM and already has multiple deployments in Singapore, Japan, USA, India and Malaysia.
Ideal Systems Group have eleven regional offices in nine countries across Asia. The company employs over 200 staff members in its offices in Hong Kong (Head Quarters), China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Singapore (S.E.A. Head Quarters), Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.