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Shotoku Broadcast Systems at NAB 2011

Products will Debut at NAB 2011 in Booth C 8528

Shotoku Broadcast Systems,international manufacturer of a full line of camera support equipment, is enhancing its manual range with three new products to be launched at NAB 2011. A pneumatic pedestal, perfect counter-balance pan & tilt head, and positional calibration system will all be shown for the first time in Booth C8528.

TP200 2-Stage Pneumatic Pedestal

Shotoku’s newly developed TP200 2-stage pneumatic pedestal has a maximum payload of 177 lbs. and supports a wide-range of camera configurations. Its innovatively designed column and base offers maximum stability and great operational flexibility. One-step foot brake and single-action cable enables precise movements and control at all times and fast and easy positioning.

SX300 perfect counter-balance Pan & Tilt Head

The SX300 perfect counter-balance pan & tilt head, designed to support portable cameras with viewfinders and prompters, has a maximum payload of 83.8 lbs. Its robust structure and wide-range of precise balance mechanisms supports a versatile variety of camera configurations. The SX300's mount can be either flat base or 150mm ball.



SPI-Touch was developed to offer a totally new way of positional calibration for Virtual Studios. Simply designate two different points through SPI-Touch’s viewfinder and press the button at each of the points. The camera position will be instantly calibrated. SPI-Touch eliminates the need to mark the studio floor and move the pedestal making calibration easy and fast.

Latest Release of TR-T Touch Control System

Continuing to build on the success of the TR-T touch control systems, Shotoku announces the latest release of TR-T system software. The new release enhances numerous areas of the system operation to meet the demands of customers seeking larger, more complex facility-wide installations. Increasingly, large operations require ultimate flexibility to enable any control system in any location to rapidly re-configure for control of cameras and studios in other physical locations. The TR-T system has always supported this functionality but now makes the task of re-configuration even easier and quicker. The TR-T system is not just for large scale operations however, smaller systems will also benefit from the many added features aimed at making day-to-day operation easier. Automated functions allow precise control over shot recall, with minimal intervention, enabling an operator to truly multi-task, without losing any of the on-air flexibility normally associated with dedicated camera operators.


Latest Release of CMC camera Motion Controller

Along with TR-T updates Shotoku have enhanced the performance of the Camera Motion Controller (CMC) making the self-contained head, height and lens controller even more flexible in terms of remote configuration and support for interfaces to all types of lenses. Customers may use any type (e.g. ENG/Studio/SD/HD/Analogue/Serial), of any age and manufacturer of lens. Regardless of the interface used the CMC is easily configured to match the installed lens, and can be customer-adjusted to support a change of lens in future.

Digiport Third-Party Expansion

Digiport enables any Shotoku control system to seamlessly integrate with numerous third-party sun-systems and devices. Thus further expanding the capability of the integrated remote camera system. DigiPort has the ability to control a wide range of third party systems ranging from legacy Radamec Broadcast Systems robotic systems to rail track cameras and specialist outdoor heads. Connection to third party devices may be via Serial (232/422) or TCP/IP Ethernet enabling virtually any openly-controllable product to be integrated with the system. Digiport is remotely configured via a dedicated web-browser interface to define the type and scope of control available from the Shotoku system. The small and simple device uses Power-over-Ethernet technology making connectivity simple and convenient.


Established Equipment on Display

TR-HP Hot Panel
The very latest control panel from Shotoku, the TR-HP, is ideal for highly cost effective single-operator productions where stored camera positions may be recalled automatically, with final on-air framing made by a single, multi-tasking operator. The panel offers a uniquely small footprint while maintaining high-precision joystick control. The three-axis joystick and rotary control knob enables the operator to make perfect on-air movements of pan, tilt, zoom and focus. With up to 12 assignable, LED-illuminated keys, several switch functions are also available.

TR-S High Capacity Flexible Control Panel
The flexible Type-S is a high capacity remote control panel that expands to support up to 16 camera channels making it ideal for even the largest parliament, legislature, or TV studio systems. New setup facilities enable key features and performance characteristics to be modified from the control panel itself.

TRP-100 Fully Robotic Studio Pedestal
Shotoku’s compact and powerful TRP-100 fully robotic studio pedestal is ideal for all studio applications including news, sports, and current affairs. The TRP-100 supports any payload up to 220 lbs. (100Kgs) while gliding through 2.5 feet (750mm) of elevation at up to 1 foot (300mm) per second. Its advanced navigation and full manual override exemplify its ability to extend the boundaries of traditional robotic camera control.

Shotoku will also demonstrate its full range of robotic and VR sensor Pan/Tilt heads.

About Shotoku Broadcast Systems

Shotoku Broadcast Systems is an international leader in the manufacture and marketing of a full range of camera support products with emphasis on manual and remote controlled pedestals and pan/tilt heads for the television broadcast industry. The Company also provides camera control systems capable of interfacing with third party remote camera equipment. Shotoku maintains headquarters in Japan and operates offices in Staines, UK and Torrance, CA.


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