SGM on a Mission at Romania’s Bergenbier Friendship Tour

The SixPacks are rigged on the truss as backdrop lighting decoration

SGM partner, production company FIVE’S, is providing full technical production services as well as stage, sound and lighting design for the Bergenbier Friendship Tour in Romania. This summer festival covers ten major cities with two shows per weekend, bringing people together with the message of building up friendships and spreading love and happiness throughout the world.

Bergenbier is one of the leading Romanian beer brands and its tour features the top musical trends and bands in Romania and expects a total audience of 500,000 visitors.


The mission for FIVE’S has been to select the most sustainable technology to support this show concept, and for this general manager Andrei Popea and his team decided to include six SGM G-Spot moving heads, four P-5 wash lights, 12 X-5 white LED strobes and 12 SixPack blinders.

Opting for an SGM LED solution has its clear benefits according to Andrei Popea. “Our choice is based on the advantages of a longer fixture lifetime and less maintenance, brighter colours and low energy consumption.”


The SixPacks are rigged on the truss as backdrop lighting decoration, the X-5s provide powerful strobe effect on stage, the P-5s wash the branding of Bergenbier and the G-Spots are placed on the front of the stage – fulfilling their purpose as an all-weather unit.

“We mainly selected the G-Spot for its IP65 rating, taking the opportunity to place them safely on the downstage. We have been searching a long time for a fixture like this, that brings together a high output and an optical system capable of covering a broad spectrum of angles – from a narrow spot to a wide even wash,” says Andrei Popea.


The rock and roll segment is, however, only one focus area for the company FIVE’S. Their next step is to deploy the SGM portfolio for theatrical productions due to “the quiet operation of the G-Spot, the design capabilities of the P-5 and the natural colours of the SixPack.”