SGM G-SPOT: The Revolutionary IP-65 Moving Head

Unique LED profile spot offers massive ‘all-weather’ benefits

As SGM’s much-anticipated G-Spot prepares for its formal launch at Frankfurt Prolight+Sound 2013. The company confirmed that it has been overwhelmed with advanced orders for the game-changing IP65-rated all-weather fixture.

Said SGM CEO Peter Johansen, “We had planned to keep the unique features of this world-beating Profile Spot firmly under wraps until Frankfurt — but word got out and it quickly went viral. Of all the years I have been in the industry since setting up Martin Professional, I have never been associated with a product that has caused such a buzz of anticipation.”

The reason is simple. Ever since the evolution of LED technology enabled a genuine colour mixing moving head spot to be produced, the market has been screaming for an all-weather IP-65 rated version.


SGM’s highly accomplished R&D team — boasting more than 100 years of accumulated moving head design experience — rationalised that moving heads are becoming increasingly exposed to wet and humid conditions. This compromises the cooling effect, luminous intensity and projection quality, while the dirt and dust that accumulate inside quickly deteriorate gobos and lenses. And so they set about designing a solution.

States Peter Johansen, “Because our sealed unit is sand-, dirt-, water- and dust-free, it is also maintenance free. And since it is based on our revolutionary P-5 technology, which includes the highest luminous output of an IP rated fixture, it is also the brightest."

"We have overcome all the challenges thrown at us with the G-Spot. Aside from being the world’s first and only multi-environmental LED moving head it is also the brightest. With its unparalleled efficacy rating it unquestionably delivers the best ROI and lowest cost of ownership anywhere in the industry.”


At the heart of the system is an 850W RGB LED module, which when run through SGM’s advanced optical system, generates a light beam comparable to the brightest discharge lamps, while carrying all the advantages offered by LED. These include SGM's revolutionary white balance automatic system (creating a perfect white beam).

At the same time the G-Spot contains all the features you would expect, with attributes such as: Wide-angle ultra-fast linear 16bit zoom 1:5 (9° to 45°); Dynamic CT Correction (2,500K to 10,000K); Linear CTO (Colour Temperature Orange); Linear CTB (Colour Temperature Blue); Ultra smooth colour mixing, plus the fastest colour-snaps or completely seamless fades; 2 independent rotating gobo wheels and 2 independent effect wheels: RFID interface; Fast and accurate iris with built-in dynamic effects; High-speed and precise focus control for crisp beam quality or soft de-focused effects; 4-facet rotating prism for crisp clear beam separation; Soft, high-quality frost filter; ultra-high-speed strobe, with possibility to strobe between 2 or more colours at any speed; Precision, fast, 16 bit 540° pan control and 270° tilt (with feedback).

The G-spot was launched to the trade at SGM’s booth on April 10, at Prolight+Sound 2013 in Frankfurt.


Specifications at a Glance
·    IP 65 ingress protection rating
·    850W high power RGB LED light source
·    Wide-angle ultra-fast linear 16bit zoom 1:5 (9° to 45°)
·    Dynamic CT Correction (2,500K to 10,000K)
      Linear CTO (Color Temperature Orange)
      Linear CTB (Color Temperature Blue)
·    Ultra smooth color mixing between virtually any color; ability to create the fastest color-snaps or completely seamless fades; ability to configure between different color mixing models.
·    2 independent rotating gobo wheels:
      Gobo wheel 1: 6 indexable gobos + open
      Gobo wheel 2: 6 indexable gobos + open
·    2 independent effect wheels:
      Effect wheel 1: 1 semi continuous effect + 3 fixed effects
      Effect wheel 2: 1 semi continuous effect + 3 fixed effects
·    RFID interface
·    Fast and accurate iris with built-in dynamic effects for maximum creative control.
·    Accelerometer
·    High-speed and precise focus control for crisp beam quality or soft de-focused effects.
·    4-facet rotating prism for crisp clear beam separation, and precise beam separation control. Soft high-quality frost filter
·    Ultra-high-speed strobe effect (1-50hz) with instant color change control and possibility to strobe between 2 or more colors at any speed.
·    Soft high-quality frost filter
·    High-precision, fast, 16 bit pan control 540 degree movement with feedback
·    High-precision, fast, 16 bit tilt control 270 degree movement with feedback