SGM Appoints Rep. de Audio as Mexican Distributor

Mexico City-based Representaciones de Audio have been appointed territorial distributors for SGM Lighting

The agreement was reached with SGM’s Antonio Parise during the recent Sound Check Expo in Mexico and the appointment will help the distributor to develop its lighting portfolio.

According to Rep. de Audio’s Jaime Celis, the company had first been introduced to the lighting manufacturer whilst it was under the ownership of RCF Group, since they are also distributors for RCF’s sister brand dB Technologies.

“SGM already has a good profile in Mexico, largely through its Giottos — which are very popular in rental companies and on TV sets,” confirms Celis.


He believes that Rep. de Audio’s core markets of rental, installation and broadcast will prove to be fertile ground for SGM’s unique and evolving portfolio of LED products — in particular the X-5 and XC-5 strobes. Other highlights of the new generation of LED fixtures include the P5 (based on the popular Palco 5 but considerably more powerful and efficient) and the Six Pack (SP6) — a unique pixel array based on the popular blinder, but with an RGBA LED source replacing the traditional halogen, enabling it to achieve much more.

Commented Antonio Parise, “From the first time I met Jaime I had the feeling that Representaciones de Audio would be the right company for SGM to partner with; their serious approach and professionalism for which they are well known, has given us the trust and confidence to appoint them.”


SGM was formally introduced to the broadcast market by its new distributor during the recent Telemundo exhibition, and having been established for the past 25 years, Representaciones de Audio know they are well placed to exploit the SGM brand potential.