SGM’s G-Spot Meets Azerbaijan’s Weather ‘Mentality’


Mamedia group s.r.o. teamed up recently with SGM to deliver a full outdoor event concert package for the Nakhchivan city municipality in Azerbaijan; this included all technical project design and event management.“Not having had any outdoor equipment

“Not having had any outdoor equipment before, we wanted to offer them a flexible solution in sound and light from top manufacturers, so I chose SGM for the lighting and K-array for the PA system,” explains CEO Boris Abdul.

The eight G-Spots used for this open-air show were the first shipment of these unique fixtures received by Mamedia, who since 2004 have deployed SGM’s 1200 spots to high satisfaction. Even though the fixtures are still in good condition, Mr. Abdul wanted to expand his stock with the new LED moving head. “In my opinion, the G-Spot is the most advanced and innovative moving head in the world market today. The weather in Baku [capital of Azerbaijan] is extreme; we have 250 windy days per year and high humidity –environments that normally kill any electronic equipment used outdoors. My SGM 1200 spots have survived these conditions and are still functioning as rental fixtures. Based on this trial experience, I’m offering SGM products to any client in Baku as equipment with ‘local mentality’, he smiles.


Having selected the G-Spot for clear-cut reasons such as IP65 rating, high output of 17,000 lumens and a design, which he describes as “awesome”, Mr. Abdul is highly focused on the units as a LED lamp. “It’s the 21th century and engineers should forget all about mercury lamps and keep this planet healthy and safe. Recycling of mercury and indium contained in the HMI and MSR lamps, is a long and expensive process.” he states.