Sennheiser Sets An Example

EXAMPLE at the Gramercy Theater in New York City

British singer and rapper Example is looking forward to a busy summer, playing a wide variety of festivals and other live shows across the UK and Europe whilst also putting together his fourth studio album. A comprehensive Sennheiser package ensures that, while onstage he Won’t Go Quietly, it’s always with the best possible quality.

The Sennheiser equipment includes an ew 500-935 G3 microphone on Example’s vocals; wired mics on the backline which include a 901 on the kick drum and 604s on auxiliary drums; six ew 572 G3 wireless instrument systems and ten sets of ew 300 IEM G3 in-ear monitors.

Monitor engineer Will Nicholson has been working with Example for over six years. “The 935 has the dynamic range to cope with an artist whose performance includes both rapping and singing and the transmitter's robustness means that, in a busy RF environment, I never worry about coverage or dropouts on our most crucial wireless transmitter,” he says.


“The guitarist loves his wireless rig - he moves large distances in the stage space and never suffers signal degradation or power losses. It’s ideal for a dynamic dance act with a multi-layered set and long, multi-song medleys.”

Sennheiser products for EXAMPLE: ew 500-935 G3, ew 300 IEM G3, ew 573 G3


Will has the ten IEMs networked via Cat5e cable to allow access on Sennheiser Wireless Systems Manager, running on a Macintosh. He splits them over a couple of bands to get the greatest frequency spacing, but the power of the networked system makes plotting RF very straightforward to provide an integrated, adaptable wireless system.

“By keeping everything on the same brand and type it makes frequency plotting much easier, and allows me to easily avoid any intermodulation that may occur,” he says.

"When you are either travelling with gear or trying to hire locally, getting the best technical and product advice for the job is vital to the smooth running of the show in demanding circumstances. Sennheiser UK’s service is excellent - there is always someone available on the phone, and artist relations manager Mark Saunders is regularly there in person. Their willingness to help us out rounds off a complete service, from product sourcing and selection to repairs and maintenance.”