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SeeSense Launches with Expertise in Small Cameras

Toshiba IK-HR1P now available from SeeSense

New company SeeSense has launched , specialising in the sale of miniature camera systems as well as C and CS mount lenses.

Nigel Paine, founder and MD said  “The decision to form SeeSense followed the birth of my son Patrick. Wanting him to be brought up in a close family structure, we decided to move from the UK to my wife Jana’s home town in Slovakia."

"We offer clients a unique consultancy service based on the skills and expertise we have acquired and developed over 20 years at the forefront of camera and lens technology.  We are able to advise on all aspects of your mini cam requirements - whether it be broadcast, medical, police, military, scientific, research, industrial or ultra-miniature, we have the right miniature camera and lens solution for you."

Additionally, Toshiba Industrial Camera Systems in Switzerland has appointed SeeSense as an official distributor to develop their camera sales in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond.


The Toshiba IK-HR1P camera

Unique to SeeSense, the IK-HR1P has a CS lens mount in place of the standard C-mount.  It is based on the Toshiba IK-HR1S HD-SDI single CMOS camera.  This conversion, difficult to achieve, has been accomplished maintaining the outstanding image quality that this compact HD camera produces.

Why IK-HR1P?

The HD Toshiba IK-HR1S and IK-HR1D cameras are disadvantaged because there are only a limited number of wide angle C-mount lenses of correct optical quality to complement the camera.

By converting the camera to CS-mount the camera has access to a much wider range of lenses, including wide aperture megapixel varifocals.

The CS mount therefore makes the camera’s effective low light performance closer to that of the Toshiba IK-HD1 3-CCD HD camera.


The camera is supplied with a 5mm C - CS adaptor / spacer to enable the additional use of C-mount lenses. 

A camera CS upgrade service is also available for owners of the standard cameras.

SeeSense can also produce to special order a DVI version based on the Toshiba IK-HR1D and new IK-HR2D.

The SeeSense IK-HR1P is ideally suited to many applications including  Broadcast POV. Other innovations are already in the pipeline and will be announced in due course.


Co-founded by Nigel & Jana Paine, SeeSense are experienced imaging professionals supplying camera and lens solutions to businesses within the broadcast, scientific, medical, machine vision, and a wide range of industries.  They have brought their individual areas of expertise together to create an enterprising and innovative business specializing in the sale and distribution of miniature cameras and associated camera solutions.  The core of the business is based upon the Toshiba range of industrial cameras.  SeeSense also actively promotes and sells all the manufacturers’ products within their range, ensuring an openly loyal and trusting relationship with their suppliers.Based in Slovakia and the UK, the Company is able to develop strong and lasting relationships with its clients.  By consulting, listening and collaborating with customers SeeSense also takes the products it distributes and enhances them, as seen in the launch product.  Indeed these enhancements are something the Company is proud to offer its customers.