ScoreBox: Improved Performance - Lower Cost - Improved Features

Now with OCR and Tricaster Support

New to the ScoreBox this year is OCR (Optical Character Recognition). By aiming a camera at the Arena/Stadium Scoreboard the unit will convert the displayed figures internally to data for the ScoreBox to use. We have also added support for the Tricaster line of Video switchers. These new features will be distributed to our users at no charge as part of our free upgrade service

Simple to use- Anyone who is familiar with windows can learn to use the ScoreBox within minutes. For simplicity, most common operations can be accessed through the keyboard function keys. 

Graphics-  The ScoreBox lets you use your own graphics at any time. There is no need to go to a third party for setting up your game look. No worrying if they are going to set up your configuration in time for your game.

Sponsor Logos- The ScoreBox holds 50 sponsor logos that can easily be selected and displayed in seconds. 

Common Operational Features- Game and play clocks, Team Names with optional team color or logo graphic, Team possession highlight, Scores, Game status tabs(timeout, flag, touchdown, etc.) and Internal DVE. Can self-key over pass thru video. 

Go-To-Break- Feature  Displays a lower third game recap clock and score box. Can optionally display a team logo graphic and sponsor graphic.


Other Scores- Displays from a selectable list the progress of other games. Can be set for auto advance thru the list or manually advanced by the operator.        

Arena/Stadium Scoreboard Interface- Will take the Scoreboard controller RS232 data and transmit it up to one mile through coax, dry pair or audio cable to the ScoreBox.

Operator Console and Airline Size Carry On


Animation- Displays Targa sequences when a graphic item enters or exits the screen.  The sequence can also be set for loop mode to continually run the sequence.  The sequence can be set to play to a specific point upon entrance and to continue to that set point upon exit. A sequence can also be set to play in reverse upon exit. If the graphic item contains text fields, the text can be set to fade.