Scalers for All SDI Formats with Conversion

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The GefenPRO HDVI to 3GSDI Scaler and the 3GSDI to 3GSDI Scaler are designed to seamlessly integrate different formats used in broadcast and post-production facilities within a 3GSDI distribution infrastructure. Some advanced features include frame synchronization and Genlock with excellent low jitter timing.

The GefenPRO HDVI to 3GSDI Scaler will automatically switch between DVI and HDMI inputs and output video as 3GSDI with backwards compatibility with all SDI formats. When converting HDMI, up to eight channels of audio are supported as part of the video stream with an additional 3GSDI output for video with S/PDIF coaxial audio. High resolution video can be scaled up to 1080p or 2k.  Genlock frame synchronization offers stable house synchronization, video interlacing with edge interpolation, noise reduction, alpha blending and image enhancement features. The internal power supply provides better connectivity with no risk of isconnection.  Users access all features through the on-screen menu using front-panel buttons, RS-232 or IR remote.


The GefenPRO 3GSDI to 3GSDI Scaler offers frame synchronization to improve video quality and performance. It can up or down scale any SDI source to any SDI display, supporting ED-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI formats.  Adjustable cadence detection, frame rate conversion, detail enhancement and advanced noise reduction all enhance performance. High resolution video may be scaled up to 1080p or 2k.  This scaler can also be used in stand-alone Genlock mode as a frame synchronizer when switching audio/video that requires precision timing. The on-screen menu system is accessed by front-panel buttons, IR remote or RS-232 control.

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