SC-STRATOS series by SOMMER CABLE presented for highend wiring

Best of both worlds: our new cable line merges build and sound quality on the highest level

SOMMER CABLE, a leading manufacturer of professional cable and connection technology in the audio & video sector, knows what it’s all about when it comes to good sound: neutrality and musicality. The new hi-fi connection leads of the SC-STRATOS line will precisely meet this demand. Moreover, they rely on a heat-dissipating design to ensure a long service life – especially when plugged into power amplifiers, which produce considerable heat also on the input side.

“A lot of budget-priced cables on the market show a noticeable decline in sound after only a short period of time. A porous jacket, shrinking insulation or oxidized copper are among the most frequent problems. Our new SC-STRATOS line takes a stand for better quality here. During the development phase it was important for us to design a product that convinces both soundwise and in technical respect. The combination of durability and a natural, airy listening experience makes our new AF phono cables the first choice for high-class pre and power amp combos and also a high-end instrument cable for studio applications“, emphasizes Pascal Miguet, Product & Sales Manager at SOMMER CABLE.

Featuring a multiple shielding of a braid plus semiconductor and a heat-dissipating jacket, the innovative cable is optimally protected against electromagnetic interfering fields and overheating. Due to the combination of oxygen-free copper wires and the genuine gold-plated HICON RCA phono connectors with a solid pin and a multi-segment lock ring, the SC-STRATOS line commends itself as a reference cable for high-end and recording studios.


As of now our new AF phono cable is available at dealerships in different premade lengths or, on request, in your desired length.

SOMMER CABLE is a leading manufacturer of professional cable and connection technology with a focus on the audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology sectors. Since 1999 the Baden-Wurttemberg based company from Straubenhardt-Conweiler has developed, produced and distributed high-quality connection solutions.