SatLink Chooses Snell's Alchemist for Standards Conversion

SatLink has already successfully used the Alchemist Ph.C-HD equipment in transmitting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Snell announced that SatLink Communications, a leading provider of transmission solutions for video, audio, and data, has purchased two Alchemist Ph.C-HD systems to facilitate its global distribution of video feeds including live sports events such as the London Summer Games to Asia and Africa.

Supplied by distributor and systems integrator Draco, the Alchemist Ph.C-HD TX50 and Alchemist Ph.C-HD TX60 will enable SatLink to perform the high-quality frame-rate conversion critical to maintaining an optimal viewing experience, no matter where in the world content is delivered.

"As we distribute our clients' high-value HD content across the globe, we're seeing greater and greater demand for high-quality conversion with video and motion compensation," said David Hochner, CEO at SatLink Communications. "Equipped with renowned phase correlation technology, Snell's Alchemist Ph.C-HD sets the bar for quality and ensures that the content we distribute on behalf of our clients maintains the high level of standard that is required. Our customers, including news and sports broadcasters, demand only the highest quality, and with Snell we have found a robust and reliable solution."


The result of extensive research into the exacting demands of HD frame-rate conversion, Alchemist Ph.C-HD TX50 and TX60 are designed to produce converted HD outputs that are virtually indistinguishable from the input. Driven by Snell's Emmy® Award-winning Ph.C phase correlation motion technology, the standards converter provides the most accurate motion-compensated video processing — even with exceptionally demanding types of content — for frame rates up to 1080 50/60p. SatLink has already successfully used the Alchemist Ph.C-HD equipment in transmitting the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations from Europe to the U.S., and the Judo Championship from Asia to the U.S. and Canada — both with a frame-rate conversion of 50 to 60.

"As SatLink continues its impressive growth, the company is taking proactive steps to ensure it can offer broadcasters worldwide the most up-to-date facilities, services, and solutions," said Holly Walker, head of marketing at Snell. "Installation of Alchemist Ph.C systems is critical among these steps, as the systems' uncompromising standards conversion opens up revenue-generation opportunities across the full global marketplace."


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