Salzbrenner Presents Manufacturer-Independent 3D Audio Integration in the New Polaris Evolution

Polaris Evolution satisfies both modern and traditional audio engineers with its flexible design

Salzbrenner’s new Polaris Evolution presents a manufacturer- and platform-independent interface for 3D audio integration at the prolight + sound 2015. The integration allows extensive working with sound objects in a three-dimensional space for a realistic audio experience.

Initiated by the film industry, the 3D audio processing has found its way into theatre and live productions. The aim is to perfectly mimic the natural hearing experience by modelling realistic sound sources in three-dimensional space.

The new Polaris Evolution now integrates fundamental functions to control 3D audio objects comprehensively as well as a direct connection to DAW via timecode. The integration consequently proceeds from the routing of the input sources to object-based assignment and the usual processing to a solid placing in the auditorium without favoured listening positions. This three-dimensional positioning or animation of audio objects can then be produced in advance or in a live session.


“Being based on modularity, flexibility and scalability, the concept of Polaris evolution provides sound engineers with the perfect platform for processing 3D audio technology, especially concerning object-related 3D audio technology,” product manager Bjorn van Munster explains. The entire graphical user interface by Fraunhofer-Instituts für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT has already been integrated into Polaris Evolution, therefore the mixing console is now not only able to display its own DSP channels, but also external equipment.

Polaris Evolution with the 3D audio integration interface


The big multi-touch display and the dedicated GUI provide a comfortable workstation to control large amounts of channels on a compact surface. Polaris Evolution works as a universal interface for the integration and controlling of external 3D platforms on a mixing console.

At the HighTecDay by Salzbrenner Stagetec Audio Video Mediensysteme GmbH in Buttenheim on March 4th, producer and audio designer Stefan Zaradic from Zaraproduction gave an impressive demonstration on how to use Polaris Evolution when working with sound objects in three-dimensional space. “Stefan Zaradic is one of the first practical users who understands the creative potential of 3D audio technology and introduces an incredible new sound experience, “concludes product manager Bjorn van Munster.


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