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Sales of Vinten Radamec Robotic Solutions Soar in Global Studios

Vinten Radamec’s robotic camera systems enable production studios to move to a fully automated studio configuration

Vinten Radamec®, a Vitec Group brand, has sold over 500 of its Fusion heads, a sign that broadcasters around the world endorse the operational and economic benefits of camera robotics.

Broadcasters are installing the innovative technology to transform the capabilities of their production studios, giving them full robotic control. The 500 FH-100 and FHR-120 manual and robotic pan and tilt heads have been sold to broadcasters globally to fully automate their studios for everything from news broadcasts to live sports action

Recent orders include Sky Italia’s 24 hour rolling news channel, which has equipped four of its studios with Vinten Radamec robotic camera supports, including three of the FH-100 heads which are being used with Vinten Radamec Fusion FP-188 robotic camera pedestals, together with a control system. The new studios in Rome are located in a building away from the main news production centre but at times of major news events, such as national elections, they can be linked to the robotic camera system of the main newsroom, allowing the two to work as a single virtual studio by one operator.


Paul Vickerage, head of studios for Sky Italia, said: “We have two robotic studios for Sky Sports 24 and two for TG-24. These systems give us the ability to provide seamless interworking not just with newsroom systems but with other studios which is very important to us. Our sports team controls a studio in Rome from its main production base in Milan, and the news team has the use of two separate studios but everything is under a single point of control.”

Other recent customers include Hong Kong based broadcaster, Phoenix TV, who bought six robotic pan and tilt heads as part of a sophisticated Vinten Radamec camera robotics system. It will work in conjunction with its Orad Proset virtual studio software to provide fully automated control of pan, tilt and elevation, as well as high precision positioning around the studio floor. Another Asian broadcaster, now TV, has also equipped its sports studio with broadcast robotic systems from the Vinten Radamec Fusion range, including the FH-100 robotic and manual head.


In the US, major broadcasters such as HSN, Fox and NBC have all installed Fusion heads as part of their robotic systems to boost the creative capabilities of their studios.

Karen Walker, Vinten Radamec commercial manager, said: “To achieve this level of sales in today’s market place demonstrates clearly that the Fusion heads provide the exact performance users require. The heads are helping broadcasters to deliver consistently high-production values, enabling them to establish a firm visual identity, and it is this, as much as the reductions in operational cost, that is driving the increase in implementations.”

Vinten Radamec’s robotic camera systems enable production studios to move to a fully automated studio configuration and provide clear economical benefits to broadcaster, such as an overhead reduction of 50 per cent and a ROI period of approximately two to three years.

Like all of Vinten Radamec Fusion robotics heads, the Fusion FH-100 and FHR-120 manual and robotic heads utilise the award winning LF drag system which provides familiar drag performance for manual operators. Designed for standalone use on a tripod or for seamless integration with pedestals the heads provide extremely accurate and repeatable positioning and are compatible with today’s camera, lenses and prompters.


About Vinten Radamec

Vinten Radamec is a leading provider of robotic camera support systems offering engineering excellence and globally supported solutions for a wide range of technologies and markets. Its extensive range of products include robotic heads, pedestals and controllers suitable for studio, OB and legislative environments. Recognised for some of the most innovative broadcast robotics in the world, Vinten Radamec has a worldwide customer support network and distribution infrastructure, and the most far-reaching development programme in the industry. Open interconnectivity is built in to every Vinten Radamec system, allowing it to take a seamless role in the broader automated environment and thereby increasing the number of users who can take advantage of the economic and operational benefits of robotic cameras.

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