RTV Slovenia Transforms Production Workflows and On-Air Broadcast Look with Orad


RTV Slovenia has undergone a complete transformation thanks to Orad’s enterprise broadcast graphic solutions. RTV Slovenia’s studios now rely on Orad’s PowerWall, TD Control, ProSet and Maestro enterprise systems for their news, weather and sports news broadcasts.

“We decided to change entirely the concept of our broadcast facility and are now one of the most advanced broadcasters in the region. We have gone from a small studio to a super advanced one, with a powerful virtual studio, video walls and more,” comments Marko Filli, general manager, RTV Slovenia.

RTV Slovenia’s studio is divided into two areas: one area is based on Orad’s powerful PowerWall video wall technology and the other is based on Orad’s ProSet virtual studio.ProSet offers RTV Slovenia the ability to broadcast engaging weather and sports news shows with captivating cinematography elements. The flexibility of the system enables them to make changes, even at the last minute, to any of the scene elements. Orad’s Xync infrared tracking ensures free camera movement for RTV Slovenia’s three cameras and crane.


RTV Slovenia’s main evening news show, Odmevi, main late-night news program, and hourly news programs are broadcasted out of the conventional area of the studio. Enhanced with Orad’s PowerWall, RTV Slovenia is able to broadcast synchronized high-quality graphics on its video walls from a single box with no content tearing. Orad’s TD Control manages the multiple video boxes displayed on the video wall, ensuring simultaneous broadcast of the live videos and graphics.

Wide shots cover both the conventional and virtual areas on the studio, enabling both real and virtual elements to be shot from a single angle simultaneously.

“RTV Slovenia has revolutionized its broadcasts by combining the advantages of a conventional studio with the enhanced capabilities of Orad graphics production and virtual set technology,” says Avi Sharir, CEO and president, Orad.


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