RTS + OMNEO Makes an Impressive Launch

Focus laid on OMNEO-compatible products - Ambersound and OKNO TV awarded for their performance as “Distributor of the Year"

An entire Who's Who of the broadcasting scene assembled this year at RTS's booth at the IBC in Amsterdam. The number of dealers as well as industry insiders and specialists visiting the stand – particularly during the press conference on the Saturday – was remarkable. “We received extremely positive feedback from customers and the press alike,” reports Kamil Swobodzinski, Vice President Sales EMEA. At the forefront of the interest at the RTS stand were the latest OMNEO-based products from RTS. Kamil Swobodzinski: “We sensed great interest in the media networking architecture OMNEO and a great willingness to embrace the new technology. As the first applications have confirmed, OMNEO is going to be the future IP communications solution – far beyond isolated intercoms solutions.”

Representatives of the media were able to form a vivid impression of the latest RTS products in the course of a press conference held on the Saturday of the show. The RTS team presented a variety of new products – with a particular focus on OMNEO compatible equipment such as the new RTS ADAM OMNEO interface cards. Available are the RTS ADAM OMNEO card for the ADAM and ADAM-M intercom frames (OMI) and a user station interface card for select RTS keypanel models (OKI), which together transform the RTS ADAM intercom system into a flexible, IP-based, AVB-compatible intercom network. RTS ADAM OMNEO products open the door to deploy ADAM intercom systems over any standard IP-based network. Most importantly, with OMNEO users are not “locked in” to other vendors’ proprietary backbone infrastructure.


In addition, RTS introduced the Audio Routed Network Interface ARNI. ARNI significantly extends the reach of an OMNEO-based RTS intercom network to function seamlessly across subnets. Additionally it enhances the flexibility of system deployments by providing network services and network-wide synchronization for OMNEO traffic. ARNI allows the creation of media networks that are able to support up to 10,000 devices across 40 subnets. Two models are available: ARNI-S and the ARNI-E.

At the IBC 2013, RTS also introduced the RP-1000 color display keypanel series and the TM-10K Trunkmaster. With the 32-position RP-1032, RTS offers an advanced display, state-of-the-art functionality and a modern, modular design that fits into any broadcast control room or truck application. Features include a full-color, high contrast HD TFT display, multi-directional keys, user-programmable buttons as well as two key sequence options.


The TM-10K Trunkmaster supports configurations from two to 255 intercom systems with 10,000 assignable trunk lines. With its dual AC power supplies, the TM-10K offers full redundancy in mission critical applications. It supports dual 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet connections for redundant or segregated network topologies as well as geographically separated Trunk Masters for disaster recovery planning. Ethernet and RS-485 trunk data connections are both provided for.

Key features of the RP-1000:
·    Full-color, high-contrast HD TFT display with high-efficiency LED backlighting – hosts an intuitive, fully customizable GUI that allows users to assign different colors to different functions
·    Enhanced multi-language support for system alphas
·    Multi-directional keys for talk, listen and emulation of traditional level control function
·    Excellent connectivity – support of up to six auxiliary inputs, three relays, independent digital gain control for microphone sources and configurable audio routing
·    Full-feature DSP – acoustic echo cancellation, equalization, mixing, filtering and metering
·    User-programmable buttons provide custom shortcuts to menu functions
·    Key sequence options – RTS color display keypanels can be ordered with new color key sequences and button screening, or the classic key sequences and button screening configured for the backlit numeric keypad
·    Future expansion – supports the RP-1932 expansion keypanel and both the RTS RVON VOIP and OMNEO IP optional network audio cards

The highlight of the traditional RTS Distributors’ Meeting on the eve of the IBC was the presentation of the sought-after Distributor of the Year award. In 2013 the award goes to two RTS partners: OKNO TV (Russia) and Ambersound (Great Britain). “Both companies have displayed exceptional commitment this year”, stated Swobodzinski, handing over the award. “We would like to recognize their exemplary commitment and warmly congratulate both teams.”