Ross Video's Vision Tritium Goes Live at the Tony Awards


MDOTS FONTASTICS, a California based production company specializing in screen production for major stage events, used the new Ross Vision Tritium Production Switcher for the 2013 Tony Awards show at Radio City Music Hall in New York City.

The new Vision Tritium 3 MLE Production Switcher includes the unique ‘AuxKey’ features from its big brother the Vision Octane. In addition to the standard 3 MLE’s, there are also 12 AuxKeys or Mini MLE’s. These AuxKeys were used to feed independent mixed & keyed outputs to all of the onstage displays that were the backdrop of this annual stage spectacular.

Vision Tritium’s programmable Custom Controls made it possible to program the complex screen management for the entire 3-hour event that was televised live on the CBS network. In the past it was necessary to build custom hardware and control system to achieve the desired operation that was accomplished with a single Tritium switcher.


“The Vision Tritium pulled off everything we needed to get done flawlessly,” said Allan Wells, Owner of MDOTS FONTASTICS. “I couldn’t be happier. In short, I can safely say that we couldn’t have done this years Tony Awards in such a spectacular fashion without the excellent input from the folks at Ross Video and their fantastic new switcher.”

“We are so pleased that we were able to help MDOTS FONTASTICS produce this awesome event with our new product,” stated Nigel Spratling, Switcher Business Development Manager, Ross Video. “Vision Tritium is a remarkable switcher with a huge pool of production resources. Switching an event of this complexity on a single switcher is a real testament to the power we have been able to build into this amazingly price sensitive product.”


The new Vision Tritium is not only an award show winner, it’s also setting a new standard for high-end performance and features at a mid-level price point.
“There are really no other products on the market that can compare,” continued Spratling. “With Tritium we have raised the price/performance bar and in the short time since its release we have been flooded with inquiries and requests for quotations. We are gratified to see that Tritium looks set to make a real contribution to helping our customers achieve more for less. ”