Ross Video to Showcase New Carbonite MiniME and MultiScreen Production Technology


This year at IBC, Ross Video was demonstrating a new version of their award winning Carbonite Production Switcher. The new switcher will incorporate a set of groundbreaking features that will be available for free to all existing Carbonite customers.

“The most modern production switchers are still based on a very traditional workflow with Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Switching, Layering and Effects,” stated Nigel Spratling, Switcher Business Development Manager, Ross Video. “Signal flow that was essential in analog designs is no longer necessary in digital systems. Carbonite’s unique new MiniMEs include a mixer and 2 keyers - one traditional keyer that accepts linear and chroma keys and one reserved for DVE use.”

MiniMEs can be used anywhere in the signal flow - as pre-keyers to build a layered composition with keyed graphics, or as a virtual set background with a chroma key and add an OTS DVE selected as a direct input. If an independent key and transition is needed on several aux outputs for on-set displays, an operator can chain MiniMEs together expanding Carbonite's 1 or 2 MEs to 5 or 6 – each with its own effects memories, or for use as independent DSKs for multi-program production.


“MiniMEs live in a resource ‘pool’ and are only assigned when required. Once the transition or effect is completed they are instantly available for use elsewhere,” continued Spratling. “MiniMEs are not like 'split MEs' or ‘multi program mode MEs’ where ME resources are divided up and reassigned into smaller sections. MiniMEs are entirely independent devices leaving all standard ME resources available.”

MultiScreenTM production is now possible directly within a standard Carbonite with Ross’ new MiniMEs. Up to four outputs can be controlled independently of the Carbonite’s main MEs and allows for a single source to be scaled over all four outputs in multiple screen layouts. Keys and DVEs can also be included to facilitate compelling multiscreen productions. With Carbonite MultiScreen, additional screen processors are no longer required as bezel compensation and edge blending for multi-projector setups are part of the package – a major system cost saving.


“The best part of these stunning additions to our award winning Carbonite series – they are FREE! Regardless of the age or model of Carbonite, customers can simply download this new firmware and update their system to add this amazing new functionality - all part of the service from Ross.” concluded Spratling.

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