Ross Video: New Production Features for Acuity at IBC2015

Introducing MultiProcessing Inputs and powerful new production features for Acuity Production Switchers

At IBC 2015 Ross Video is previewing several major additions to the Acuity production switcher. On show is version 4.0, which brings a number of highly desirable new operational features including Split ME, DVE Warps, Lighting Engine, and supports the new MultiProcessing Inputs card option.

Acuity is already a truly advanced production powerhouse, the addition of these new features make it the number one choice for production of high end events, news and sport – in SD, HD or UHD formats.

Version 4.0 further expands the capabilities of the acclaimed MultiFeed functionality with added Split ME controls. Now it is possible to set up an Acuity ME as two MEs with up to eight keyer assignments. The extensive configurability enabled by these features permits Acuity to fit into an even greater number of production environments and workflows. A fully loaded 8 ME machine can now be configured as a massive 16 ME system – or of course a full 4 ME UHD (4K) switcher. Add to that new warp effects and lighting engines to build even more sophisticated look and you can be sure that whatever your production goals are – Acuity will provide the tools to meet them.


MultiProcessing Inputs for Acuity – The world of live production is always changing and the need to accommodate a widening variety of signals and formats has become an even greater challenge. Accordingly, Ross has designed new input hardware that contains additional processing capabilities. The MultiProcessing Input card has the same 20 inputs as the standard input card and both can coexist in the same frame.  With the introduction of this new option, a number of processing features are available that have been requested by many users.  These include; Input Proc Amps, Frame Synchronizers, 3G Level B to A conversion and a huge new feature totally unique to Acuity – Input MultiViewers!

Each MultiProcessor Input card includes a 20 Window MultiViewer permitting every input source to be monitored easily and very cost effectively- another Ross first! Production monitoring is made simple – with input MultiViewers and our dual-head internal MultiViewers, any source can be reliably and easily monitored – with full UMD and tallies automatically assigned. This not only greatly simplifies installation but also represents a huge cost savings for any system.


Acuity is rapidly evolving and Ross will continue its significant investments in production switcher R&D to ensure that it is not only the best available choice today, but will remain so for many years to come.